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Is Anxiety a Mental Illness? How should it be Treated?

Mental Illness

Knowing the fact that prolonged anxiety is a type of mental illness, many people fill up with fear as the common fact tells that mental illness is not curable. But it is not right. Many treatment centers and therapists serve these people throughout their lives. If you fall into this category, let’s discuss where you should get the best treatment.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the body’s normal reaction to prolonged or intense stress. It is a mood in which a person is fearful of future problems, and as a result, they are unsettled, agitated, and restless about what is to come in the future. You have to get proper treatment as soon as possible; otherwise, chronic anxiety may create mental disease and pose a risk to your happy and healthy life. It may range in severity from light to severe at times.

What is Mental illness?

Mental illness is the distress or functionality problem in social, behavioral, and family activities. It is a disorder that involves changes in emotion, behavior, and thinking. It makes your daily life miserable and has a very bad effect on your relationship. Mental illness includes schizophrenia, anxiety, eating disorder, addiction, bipolar, depression, etc.

Is Anxiety a Mental Illness?

Anxiety is not a mental illness at an early stage, but severe anxiety is sometimes changed into a mental illness. If a person is stressed when he/she is presenting in school or work, it is anxiety. If your loved one, like a friend or family member, is in danger and you get stressed, it is anxiety, but if these conditions are prolonged and take the form of OCD or hallucinating things, you surely have to think about it. If your daily anxiety has a very bad effect on your mental condition and behavioral patterns, it takes your anxiety to the next level, ultimately leading to mental illness.

How can I Diagnose my Anxiety?

Suppose you want to check about your anxiety condition. First, you have to visit a general physician. He will examine you physically and mentally and ask about your condition, symptoms, and test. Sometimes anxiety shows some health conditions like digestion problems, thyroid disorder, Insomnia, and a heart condition. After some physical examination and knowing about your previous medication, he decides whether you should have to visit a therapist or psychiatrist for further diagnosis or not.

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How should it be Treated?

Treatment is not easy, but it will be after seeking help from professionals. Whether you choose a traditional, conventional, or Holistic approach for your treatment, You have to be careful because every treatment has a different effect on the person’s life.

Holistic rehabs mental health treatment procedure in California utilizes the Holistic approach for treating all mental illnesses, including anxiety. The benefits you will get during the treatment of anxiety in Holistic Sanctuary are as follows

  • individual treatment
  • 100% privacy
  • 5-star facilities
  • No workload or pressure
  • Live separately far from family issues & social issues, so nothing triggers anxiety.
  • No discrimination
  • No judgments
  • Proper meal
  • Organic food & juices
  • Gym, yoga, reiki, and sauna
  • Got professionals’ help
  • 24/7 help from nurses
  • Aftercare program


I hope this article about anxiety as a mental illness helps you overcome your anxiety and make a wise decision to go to a rehabilitation center for proper treatment of anxiety; otherwise, you will go through severe consequences in the long run.