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IQOS Dubai| How to Select the IQOS Device that is Best Fit for you?

IQOS device

IQOS is a modern-day alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Every year more and more IQOS devices come out in the market to keep the users entertained. But how do you know which device is the ideal fit for you? Here we present four of the most popular IQOS devices in Dubai and all you need to know about them to help you choose the best one for you. You can buy IQOS online gadgets from MyHeets. Visit meets. ae to find out more about IQOS Dubai.


All you Need to Know

One of the best features this IQOS device has is its battery capacity. Just charge it one time to burn two heated sticks in a row. The IQOS 3 DUO features a quick charging method meaning you won’t have to wait around for too long for it to charge. Apart from its useful features this gadget also looks fantastic. It is very popular for its fashionable appearance. In fact, Vogue, Elle, and L’Officiel named it the most fashionable gadget.

The authorities release a special edition of the Duo with a new color (think aquamarine or copper) or an interesting design every six months. The arrangements are made considering usability and that is very thoughtful. The gadget is so small that it will easily fit in the palm of your hand. The holder is more compact and lightweight than earlier generations. The holder is usually designed in a way so that you can place it into the charger from any side (most critically, with the contacts down) without the risk of hurting it. The charger opens with a magnetic side door rather than a cover. It also features built-in Bluetooth and NFC.

How do you know that IQOS 3 DUO is the One for you?

If you are someone who is obsessed with the latest and greatest devices and you own iPhone 11 Pro Max or above. If you don’t see why you should utilize old devices when new ones are available. And the design and style are always important to you. Or sometimes you just want two sticks in a row without having to wait a minute. Then we would have to say this IQOS Dubai device is truly made for you.


All you Need to Know

The IQOS VEEV is the company’s first small vape. This device operates on replaceable disposable pods rather than heated sticks. The gadget can also be seen as a type of electronic cigarette. The IQOS device authorities created the IQOS VEEV on the basis of IQOS MESH technology. It makes sure that each puff has a consistent rich flavor. Whenever the liquid in the cartridge runs out, the control sensors of the device shuts it down. So, you will be saved from dry and burned puffs.

While smoking, the IQOS VEEV vibrates strangely. The tighter your hold is the more apparent the vibration will be. This is known as touch mode, and it can be disabled if you want to. You may change Viv’s settings using the IQOS App. From there you can select the touch puff mode, modify the quantity of steam, turn on the lighting, and much more. If you misplaced the device, it can be tracked down easily with the help of the app. You don’t have to turn off this small and portable device after you are done smoking. If IQOS Dubai Veev is not used for a few minutes, it will turn itself off. The gadget charges quite quickly, it gets a full battery within 30 minutes.

How do you know that IQOS VEEV is the One for you?

If you enjoy vape flavors that are sweet and fruity. or you dislike messing around with sticks and changing them after each use. You want to radically alter your routines and try something new. Then IQOS VEEV is the ideal fit for you.


All you Need to Know

You only need to charge this once to smoke 25 sticks. You can use this model three times in a row without a break. After that, the device will then need to cool down for further use. It only takes three and a half minutes for cooling down and afterward, you can resume using it. Each session lasts 5 minutes or 14 puffs, which is ideal if you don’t want to rush. Lil SOLID is a one-of-a-kind model. This tiny, user-friendly operates on the IQOS principle. It warms tobacco in a stick with a particular needle in 25 seconds, announces the start of the session, and gives you a warning when 2 puffs or 30 seconds remain before the session ends.

You can see the charge level of the device via an LED strip on the device’s body. If it is the charge is at 60-100%, the indication shines blue; if the charge is at 30-60%, the indicator glows orange; and when the unit is almost out of charge, the indicator glows red. The device is very handy and small. It weighs only 99 grams. On the sides of the gadget, there are magnetized replaceable panels. One can change these panels to a variety of colors to totally alter the look of the device.


How do you know that Lil SOLID is the One for you?

If you like to use more than one stick in a row without having to wait to recharge the device or you need the device to go a long period without charging or you may want a greater battery capacity. Or else you prefer to use mono gadgets. Then yes this might be the device of your choice.

Price matters.


All you Need to Know

Little HYBRID is a mix between a tobacco heating device and a vape. The gadget simultaneously warms both sticks and pods. As a result, you will see the hybrid fume is thicker and more concentrated. This device heats sticks and pods are unique ones. The MiiX sticks have a very distinctive design with filter rings on both sides and tobacco in the middle. That’s why you will have to clean the device less frequently.

Since you get to combine various types of pods and sticks in this device you will get to enjoy a unique fume that ranges from tobacco to sweet and menthol-fruity. The device’s body contains a screen that displays the battery level, and the amount of liquid in the pod counts down puffs while in use, and offers other valuable recommendations. You only have to insert the pod and stick it into the Lil Hybrid to turn it on. As soon the stick contacts the bottom of the heating chamber, the device will automatically turn on and begin heating the tobacco in the stick.

How do you know that Lil HYBRID is the One for you?

If you want to break from regular IQOS tabacco devices or you miss the sweetness, thickness, and richness of traditional heated devices fume. or enjoy combining diverse ingredients to create unique flavors. You may like it when the display features a screen that counts your puffs or you’ve been looking for a device that mixes pods with sticks. Then yes, this is the device that will suit your taste.

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