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Top 5 Instagram Widget Plugins for your WordPress Website

Instagram widget

Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms. It is evident that Instagram attracts more attention than other social media platforms because it is visually dominant.

Instagram is a highly sought-after platform that allows brands to effectively target customers with a user base exceeding 500 million. This platform is being used by all labels, no matter how large or small, to connect with potential customers on an individual level. The platform has a large user base. Customers can freely share their experiences with brands, and they can leave feedback that is useful for potential customers. This content works well for brands, and they soon began embedding it to their websites. Embedding has been a well-known marketing strategy. It is used by brands to increase engagement with their audience, maintain users’ attention on their website, and boost sales and conversions.

This blog will tell you all about the best WordPress plugins for embedding an Instagram widget on your site.

Let’s start!

5 Best Instagram Widget Plugins for your WordPress Website

Taggbox Widget Plugin

The Taggbox widget, a well-known social media aggregation platform that allows you to curate, collect, and embed Instagram feeds, is an incredibly popular User-generated content platform. The plugin provides additional features such as customization options to improve the look of the widget by using different templates, layouts and colors.

Users can also use advanced moderation to remove objectionable or unwanted content from the widget, and maintain its highest quality. Analytics is an important aspect of Taggbox’s business. The plugin gives users detailed information about widget performance. Users can access crucial information such as the total number clicks and impressions. These details will enable brands to analyze how users react to the widget. The plugin provides responsive support to all the users until solved.

WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed is another plugin that you can use to create an embed feed for your website. This plugin allows users to create beautiful Instagram galleries with a few amazing effects.

Users can create as many feeds and customize them with different styles. They can also filter the images and embed them on their website. To access additional features, users will need to upgrade the plugin to the premium version.

Feed them Social

Another WordPress plugin allows the user to collect content from different social media platforms, including Instagram. Like the other plugins, Feed them Social allows users to create unlimited feeds. It is compatible with all devices, and one can view from mobile devices as well. Users can take advantage of additional features by upgrading to the Pro version.

Instagram on mobile

WPZoom Social Feed Widget

WPZoom is another highly effective Instagram widget plugin for WordPress. This plugin can pick up content that uses Instagram usernames and hashtags. It is compatible with all devices, including smartphones, because it is responsive. The plugin lets users customize the widget to their liking, including changing the image size. It supports many languages. You can customize your website by choosing from many options such as colors, headers and scroll options.

Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

Spotlight is the last and most responsive option to embed Instagram feeds onto your WordPress website. Users can connect to multiple accounts to create unlimited RSS feeds. Before publishing the plugin on their website, the plugin provides a preview option that allows users to look at the widget and make sure they are satisfied. Spotlight offers many customization options for plugin users. You can also customize the widget, depending on the platform where its published.


Instagram is an excellent platform for brands to promote their products and services because of its vibrant presence and general vibe. Businesses can embed the content of users on their website to increase user engagement, social proof, and ultimately sales.

You have reached the end this blog. Now you know the importance of embedding feeds onto the website. Here are the best tools to embed feeds on your website. After you have mastered the basics, choose the best plugin for your needs and begin embedding!