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Influential? Top Tips for Creating a Tik Tok Video

Tik Tok

TikTok has around 800 million active users in the world. It was the fourth most popular iPhone app in 2019. Without TikTok, there wouldn’t be Loren Gray, Baby Ariel, or Dixie D’Amelio.

If you want celebrity status, but don’t have the connections in the Hollywood world, then TikTok is where you need to be. All you have to do is create quality short videos consistently, and the rest is history. If you need help to get started, here are some top tips for creating a Tik Tok video.

Choose a Niche for your Videos

You cannot just create and post videos randomly in the hope that you get likes and followers. You must have a goal for your social media engagement. Here are some questions to ask to help jumpstart the process:

  • Why are you using TikTok to post videos?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Who are the perfect viewers for your videos?

Once you’ve determined the demographic you want to reach, you can begin your journey. If you want to create viral content, you must identify the type of video relevant to your target audience. You want to provide valuable information on a specific niche to entice your viewers to come back for more.

Schedule your Post Every Day

TikTok’s popular creators publish a post every day. The constant updates and new material places your account on top of your viewer’s feed.

It reminds them that you are relevant and have something new to share. The more material you create, the more likely you will create something trending.

Ensure the Quality of your Videos

You can create viral videos with just your smartphone. You can use a tripod to help maintain a stable shot with your phone. Consider using an external microphone for high-quality recorded sound.

girl making her video

You can also use a video joiner to connect images and videos to create unique video content in minutes. Don’t forget to edit your video with various TikTok editing capabilities.

Pay Attention to your Sounds

One of TikTok’s distinguishing features is allowing people to use music in the movies shared by users. TikTok makes it easy to add music to 15-second video clips by establishing legal agreements with most major record labels. You can include popular music tracks into your video from the app while recording or during the editing process.

Engage in Conversation with Other Tiktok Users

Don’t forget to watch, like, and comment on other people’s videos. The TikTok algorithm rewards engagement, and the more you connect with others, the more likely your video will appear on their page.

Collaborating with other TikTok artists helps you expand your reach. This collaboration can help boost the likelihood of creating a viral video. Even influencers sometimes collaborate with lesser-known individuals for fresh ideas and inspiration.

Learn More About Creating a TikTok Video

If you want to be an influencer, then creating funny content can help you garnish followers. If you have a short online video lying around, why not upload it on Tick Tok, so you can be an instant social media star? You can also download the TikTok video and get inspiration from the content.

Don’t forget to have fun throughout the process. If you want to get more tips and tricks, we can help you. Check out our blog posts to learn more about creating these social media videos.