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In what ways did the COVID-19 Pandemic Force App Development Firms Change Themselves?

The world has changed (and it is still changing). Why? Because of not just any technological advancements but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadliest virus in the world. Its outbreak sent shockwaves all across the world, impacting each industry and the life of each human being present.

A lot of businesses went into a closure (both temporary and permanent), forcing many to go online. Some succeeded, some are a work in progress, some are struggling to fit in while some aren’t fitting in anymore.

While a lot of work got transfer to the remote working mode, some businesses start understanding it and have adapt to the benefits it brings. Though a majority of the world has returned back to normality, some are still working to ensure office workforce levels are back to pre-pandemic levels.

As a matter of fact, some employees have exhibited a preference for remote working at least one day a week due to various issues, most notably of commuting. Japan, Finland, and New Zealand are among the countries that have employed a 3-day weekend to combat fatigue due to overworking.

Has this Sort of Change Been Beneficial or Not?

This kind of change has known to improve the quality of work and allows team leads, supervisors & managers to monitor the workflow of employees both on-site and via remote means at any time of the day and any day of the week.

This is known to raise productivity and save companies a considerable amount in expenses. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused more damages; made a lot of businesses incur losses resulting in a huge amount of layoffs.

Projects at most companies are still being develope. Numerous firms are still looking to expand and improve the level of services they are providing. However, with less direct oversight of employees brought upon by the pandemic along with a limited workforce, this challenge has proven to be quite hard for many companies.

Software companies, especially mobile and web app development companies are facing this issue, and professionals from a firm of mobile app development Dubai are currently facing a similar situation.

The traditional work industry (the manufacturing, packaging, printing, warehousing, and other industrial-related sectors) will need to adapt, adjust and find solutions that can improve the shortage of manpower as well as improving the capabilities of the existing workforce.

What More can be Understood About the Changes Brought Upon Businesses by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

When changing structures along with the needs of organizations desiring innovation, professionals are witnessing the fact that these very organizations need to adopt the possibility of employees working at home, albeit not permanently.

A lot of employees are returning back to workplaces like they used to but there are some who wish to work remotely in the long run. It’s not just females that wish to work remotely but rather male employees are also desiring to work remotely due to a multitude of factors, among them being the communing distance and the desire to spend more time with family members.

covid effect on business

Such a roadblock was not popularly understood before the pandemic began. Yet organizations must find ways to continue improving their employees’ efficiency and productivity. Thankfully, a lot of firms have found ways to do so.

One of the most important things for most organizations is that they should be able to adapt to any kind of situation. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just that, and firms should utilize their existing skills to provide the best possible technological solutions so they can stay relevant in the market and among their audience.

The world has entered a new decade and a new era filled with uncertainty and at some points, there is a perceived lack of continuity. In this era, hiring new employees with the desired skillsets is an exciting prospect for some while for others, it is a terrifying prospect.

What Could be the Best Possible Solution for this Kind of Conundrum?

One of the best possible solutions experience professionals and experts in the mobile app development industry have suggested is hiring teams that are specifically dedicated base on per-projects that can handle specific tasks and work on them to complete them in the shortest possible time span.

How can this be helpful? Simple: it allows firms to maintain their productivity and efficiency keeping their workflow uninterrupted.

They can always work with the same capabilities they have but with agile development principles in mind, allowing them to remain abreast of the latest trends in the industry and regarding the project in the works too. Small, medium and large enterprises can make their works continue by means of outsourcing. Taking into consideration the dynamic work environments, this allows firms to save expenses and be cost-efficient.

Can Startups Make Use of this Advantage?

Startups in their early stages can make use of this advantage to make their products and maintain their relevance without the need for having their own technology team.

This is possible through a clear vision that it is not worth maintaining teams in the early stages anymore. Such startups can still work in favor of investors with crucial decisions regarding funding.