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How Will I Know If I Have Been Granted A Student Visa?

Visa Subclass 500

Over the years, Australia has been at the top of the list of preferred study destination for the international students because of its excellent university atmosphere and dynamic education system. Study in Australia will open a variety of opportunities for a student, like living permanently in Australia and an eventual Australian citizenship. But before all that, get your Australian study visa, which will allow you to study in Australia for 5 years.

What is a student visa subclass 500?

The most common form of study visa that all the students apply for his student visa 500. This visa will allow you to stay in Australia during the entire period of your study. You only have to be certain that your visa doesn’t get invalid during this period as this may lead to unwanted circumstances that may affect your study.

What benefits will you get from subclass 500 student visa?

Several benefits you can get from this visa which is:

  1. First, you can take part in your desired study program.
  2. You may bring your eligible family members to Australia. Their physical presence will certainly give you enough mental support needed for you to study.
  3. Regardless of where you are, inside or outside Australia, you can easily apply through the online portal.

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How long does the student visa 500 remain valid?

Visa validity varies depending on the lengths of the courses.

  1. For a course, which is longer than 10 months and finishes in November or December. The visa validity is until 15th of March of the following year.
  2. For a course that is longer than 10 months and ends in January-October, the visa remains valid for two more months following the course completion.
  3. If a course is shorter than 10 months, the visa validity remains for another 1 month after the course ends.
  4. Postgraduate research students require more time to defend, complete and submit their theses. So, they are given six more months after their intended visa period ends.
  5. For primary school students who are enrolled in the years, 1-4 visa remains valid. To continue with their studies, they have to apply for the visa again.

What are the specific documents you will require applying?

There are specific eligibility criteria which you have to meet to apply to the subclass 500 student visa. Under that, the documents you will need are as follows:

  1. Identity documents: A passport is a valid identity proof for any foreign national. As identity documents, you will require to submit copies of biodata pages of your passport. Apart from that, you will submit a copy of your home country identity card and four copies of passport size photographs.
  2. Age proof: The minimum age requirement is 6. There are separate age requirements for separate levels of study. You will need to submit age-related documents like birth certificate at the time of application.
  3. Proof of enrolment: Confirmation of Enrolment or COE or an offer letter from the university confirms that you got enrolled in a certain study program.
  4. Academic and work experience documents: If you come from a foreign country with prior academic experience, you need to submit supporting documents. Valid transcripts and certificates from your previous institutes and certifications from previous work place will do.
  5. GTE statement: The department uses the genuine temporary entrant or GTE to check whether you’ll be living in Australia for a genuine purpose, which is studying. You can’t use it for other purposes like residency or work. It will take certain circumstances in the home country and Australia and the potential value of your study into factor.
  6. English language skill evidence: Tests like IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic or Cambridge Advanced recognized internationally and taken throughout the entire year and all over the world. Different levels of study will require different test scores.
  7. Evidence for financial ability: Can you bear all the expenses for your living, studying and traveling? You need to show all the information of your financial ability. Alternatively, if your spouse or your parents take this responsibility, they will also have to show the evidence.
  8. Details of health policy: Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC is the health insurance policy that you have to take as an international student.

How can you apply for the visa subclass 500?

The process is more-or-less straightforward. First, do the research to choose the study program, then the university suitable for you, and then you should arrange all the health examinations, reports of which will be needed at the time of application. You can apply online. This is a lengthy process, so you can consult with any migration consultant Adelaide before applying. After your application gets submitted, you will not get any further messages from the Department of Home Affairs, but you must check your online account for any requests.

How can you know if they granted you a student visa Adelaide?

Once the Department of Home Affairs decides, they will let you know by emailing. In that email, you will come to know the information like visa grant number, starting date etc. We recommend it to keep a copy of that email while you’ll be studying in Australia. The Department will let you know that, citing proper reasons if your visa gets refused.

Ending note

For more information, you can search on migration agent Adelaide or other organizations that provide necessary immigration services Adelaide. Apart from the information, you will get important advice from the best migration agent.