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How to Relive Foot Pain

Foot Pain

Have you ever had a hard, long day and come home to aching feet? This is quite normal for most of us as life can get so busy. However, depending on your lifestyle and job you may constantly be on your feet. If this is you, pain in the feet can become common causing discomfort. Jobs such as waitressing, teaching and hairdressing are some of the jobs that require you to constantly be on your feet.

However, there could also be a ton of other reasons as to why your feet hurt. The bridge of the foot which connects the heel and toes is the place that provides balance. Some people are born with flat feet that can cause a lot of pain when they stand for long. So how do you help relieve this kind of pain?

Check with a Doctor

Before trying to medicate constant foot pain consulting a doctor is the best way to start. If the reasons for your pain are not obvious, x-rays maybe needed to identify flat feet or any other more serious symptoms. Once you have had a doctor’s opinion, they may recommend suggestions that could help relieve the pain.

The Right kind of Shoes

Wearing a badly made pair of shoes is the most common reason for constant foot pain. Regularly wearing heels or shoes that are not balanced right can cause this kind of pain. We suggest getting a pair of orthopaedic shoes as a way to relieve pain and correct the alignment of your feet. These shoes are especially made for you depending on your requirement. The shoes can be custom made to help you feel less pain.

Give your Feet a Break

Soaking your feet in warm water after a long day can really help ease any swelling or pain that you feel. Rest of your feet on a height and drip them in a bowl of warm or hot water. Gently massage your feet to ensure blood starts flowing and you may feel the pain instantly leave. If you are in constant pain due to your lifestyle, trying doing this at least a few times a week and feel a large difference.



Nerves cause pain so therefore acupuncture is an eastern medical procedure designed to targeted certain nerves. This procedure changes depending on the place the pain originates and should only be done under the proper guidance of a doctor. Usually, acupuncture is done a few times a week and then then changes on how effective it is. This can be considered a long-term solution in some cases.

Wearing Socks

Cold feet can cause serious pains especially if you live in a cold climate. Keep your feet warm to make sure there is plenty of blood flow. This can instantly relieve pain and keep your feet toasty throughout the day. There are especially made socks that provide addition warmth and padding if you live in places that require you to walk in ice.