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How to Overcome Common Issues in Dissertation Discussion Section

Dissertation Discussion Section

Writing a dissertation itself is not much challenging as the discussion section is. It is the last section in dissertation which does not aim to repeat the already discussed points. Before working on this section, you have already provided a detailed introduction, literature and methodology of research. Now, this is the section to let reader know about the key elements only. Another purpose of the discussion section is to conclude the research study in an effective way. From a broader perspective, it demands results and comparisons. In a research community, the researcher usually prefers to read the discussion section to get the main context of study. In this way, researchers save their time and effort by finding the required context in a short duration. As per its importance, this article aims to debate on the ways to overcome issues related to the dissertation discussion section.

What should be in the Discussion Section of a Dissertation?

It is very important to know about the content that should be in a dissertation discussion section. First of all, you must avoid writing the discussion section without reading the whole dissertation. At the time of reading, you are supposed to highlight the key elements. This approach helps you remember all the main points, which can create an impact on the reader. While reading, ensure that objective of research has been achieved successfully. Other than principle findings, the significance of study should also be a part of the dissertation discussion section. The significance of study plays vital role in defining the strong as well as weak aspects of study. The strong factor is reliability of research, while the weakness is limitation of study, which can work as a research gap.

Furthermore, you need to avoid things including new arguments, no discussion about negative aspects of study and exaggeration of final findings. A new argument can break the flow of discussion, and it does not make sense at all. Many novel researchers think that discussion about negative aspects similar to limitations can mark a question on their efforts. They really need to understand that discussion about limitations is compulsory to let the reader know about the research gap and motivate them for further exploration. That is how you should ensure important things in a dissertation discussion. Meanwhile getting dissertation help online is another option to make things happen in a better way.

How to Structure a Dissertation Discussion Section?

At the time of writing dissertation discussion section, you must be clear about its structure. The right information about structure of discussion section makes it easy to end a dissertation in a compelling way. It is not just the content of the section which matters a lot, but the assembly of words which plays a significant role. Following are the points of standard structure for writing a dissertation discussion section:

Summarise the Main Results

Research findings should be mentioned without making any changes. You are not supposed to add or eliminate anything from key findings. Whether the findings are positive or negative, you have to mention them. Never start the dissertation discussion section with anything else, as the demand for standard structure is the key finding. Your research may have more than one finding, so you need to know how better the presentation can be made. For example, there are four main findings; you can mention all four in numeric form. The order of findings should be with respect to the order of research objectives. This approach helps reader understand the main points. Also, you are supposed to address everything in a simple and concise way.

Discuss the Hypothesis

When working on the structure of dissertation discussion section, you have to focus on hypothesis after the key findings. In the discussion, you need to mention if the hypothesis is correct or incorrect. There is no need to exaggerate the discussion but clearly mention about the corrections of hypothesis. For this, you need to restate the hypothesis for a better understanding of reader. After that, briefly discuss if the hypothesis is supported by the research. Some novel researchers feel worried about the incorrect hypothesis, but they really need to understand that there is no negative aspect to mention the incorrect hypothesis. The aim of study is to prove hypothesis with proper argumentation. So, there is nothing wrong if you find the designed hypothesis incorrect. Also, mention a valid reason for it.


Implementations of Research

One of the most important parts of dissertation discussion section is the future scope of study. You need to critically evaluate the area of research based on the collected result. These results can help you identify the current use of research as well as its implementations in future. There is no need to talk about something imaginary, but always discuss these aspects on ground basis. You have to analyse the link between research theory and its implementations. Also, do not forget to outline the areas for implementation. In research work, you have to be very particular about each facet. The implementation of research should not seem like something out of context.

Takeaway Statement

A takeaway statement is the last chance to create an impact on reader. You can also take it as a key message for all readers. As a responsible researcher, you need to understand that there should not be any random takeaway statement. The connection between the final statement and the objective of study needs to be very strong. When writing a takeaway message, it is suggested to use strong verbs. Some researchers do not even consider the use of takeaway messages. These things cause issues and do not put a good impression on reader and research community. So, you must go for it with the appropriate point of view. Also, you have to take great care of the length of message. It is better to keep it short and brief.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points can help you write a compelling dissertation discussion section, which can grab the attention of a reader. Also, the sequence of steps makes it easy to understand everything. By understanding and working on these aspects, you can better overcome the common issues in the dissertation discussion section.