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How to Lower your Electric Bill in Summer

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This year, households across America saw the largest surge in electricity prices since 2009. As a result, many Americans are looking for ways to manage electricity usage.

Summer may be a ways away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to prepare by learning how to lower your electric bill in summer. When you switch to Reliant Energy, you’ll save money on your monthly energy costs, whether in summer or winter, with Reliant Energy plans and competitive prices.

Most of the time, lowering your home energy costs in the summer requires that you use less energy, altogether. While many of our tips do help you to cut back on energy usage, our most important tip doesn’t!

Check Up on your Insulation

First thing’s first: make sure that your insulation is still doing its job. You can have the insulation in your walls, crawl space, and attic inspected to see if it needs to be replaced or expanded upon. However, some of the biggest culprits to look for are drafty windows and doors.

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Why does insulation matter? When you’re cooling your home in the summer, poor insulation is mitigating those efforts by letting all that cold air out. By repairing, replacing, or otherwise insulating drafty windows and doors, you’ll be able to keep your house cooler without using as much energy.

Use Multiple Home-Cooling Methods

Want to keep your house cool without setting the thermostat as low? There are a few steps worth taking. First, shut your windows or blinds during peak sunlight hours. Not only does this add a layer of insulation to your windows but it also reduces the sun’s warming effect when UV rays pass through windows.

Then, turn on any ceiling fans in your home. While fans can’t actively cool the air, they can improve the circulation of conditioned air. Plus, that movement does help to create a sensation of cooling, even if the air is not actually cooler.

Go Solar

Want to reduce energy costs without turning up the thermostat this summer? There’s a simple solution that takes a bit of time and money but is well worth the investment: going solar.

Want to learn more about the solar installation process or what to expect from installing solar panels on your property? Contact the fastest growing solar company in the country to find out more. You can also research any state or local incentives in addition to federal tax credits that you can enjoy when you go solar.

How to Lower your Electric Bill in Summer: Use Alternative Energy Sources

If you’re wondering how to lower your electric bill in summer and for the rest of your time in your home, there’s one easy answer. Use an alternative energy source like solar to get off the non-renewable energy grid.

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