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How to Hire an Android Developer for your Project in California

Android app developers in California

Living in the modern era is like struggling to catch up with the subway. You will miss the train if you take a break. Today’s universe is expanding at such a breakneck pace that we can’t even wait until tomorrow. Yes, 2021 is the year of technological advancement. We are always experimenting with gadgets all around us, from waking up to going to bed at night. Isn’t that, right? It is the reason why Android app developers in California are growing by the day. We’ve all become fond of our smartphones. Have you ever thought what would be the reason behind that? Why people spend most of their time using mobile phones? The answer is clear. They have smartphones full of mobile applications.

Nowadays, any business, large or small, has a mobile application. Getting a company website is beneficial, but creating a smartphone application is much better. Any company will win if they start caring about their customers. We’re all aware that people spend much time on their smartphones. It is the driving force behind the development of smartphone apps.

To make a significant business presence, you must have an Android application. People use apps to listen to music, watch movies, play games, read, and do various things. One committed and an enthusiastic developer will serve as the Android app creation equivalent to a Kickstarter. In this post, we will look at Android app creation. By the end of this article, you should have a good sense of employing such an ambitious developer for your next project. Let’s not delay any more time and begin reading!

Why do you Even Need an Android Application?

If you ask someone if creating an application for your business is a brilliant idea or not, they will tell you that it is. You would undoubtedly get a favorable response. The question is, do you have sufficient knowledge of software development? Before you begin something, you should be well-versed in the subject matter. The same is valid for software growth. When it comes to software production, there are multiple alternatives. Do you want to choose the path of Android or IOS?

android app developers

Each platform has its benefits. Here, we are talking about Android applications. Below we are sharing few killer reasons to choose Android over IOS.

Allow you to be Innovative as Much as you Want

Choosing a platform that allows you to show all of your creativity is like a blessing. You don’t have to bound yourself. Android development provides you ample space to experiment with innovations and ideas. Moreover, you get a lot more flexibility.

Much Easier Installation

With Android, it’s just fun to play around with. A person can download your Android application from any website. It is one of the top reasons why businesses prefer to invest in Android development. If you are providing ease to the customer, they will connect with you more. With this feature, an application can be available to a large user.

Available for Free

Now, who doesn’t like getting something in free of cost? We all do love to have things that are available for free and can be easily accessible. Android application has a significant number of users. Android players have a choice of 2.7 million applications, allowing Google app store with the most available apps. The Apple App Store was the second-largest app store, with almost 1.82 million iOS applications available.

It is the reason why these applications are cheaper than their competitors. If you are a startup and initially start an app launching Android is your way to go.

How Can you Choose the Best Team Player for App Project?

Hiring a good app developer is necessary today. If you fail to hire a good developer, you will probably face difficulties. Unfortunately, wrong hiring causes you a significant loss, and it also brings down your business’s reputation. It’s something nobody can even think about it. Right? To avoid such drawbacks, we share tips and tricks on how you can hire the right developer. Let’s read!

  • Developer Must be Flexible: To meet the deadline, a developer must have an excellent working speed. Also, they should be flexible with all the ups and downs during app development. By speed, we don’t mean to complete an app project within just a few hours. It will be a disaster. A developer must design each development step, and they properly implement these all.
  • Knowledge of Programming Language: Before you finally hire the developer, it is necessary to know their expertise. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a person for a big project or a small one. Every project is valuable, a to meet all the requirements, you need an experienced developer. Java and Kotlin are the primary programming language of Android app development. Hence a developer needs to know the core concept of these two languages. Moreover, a developer must know about the complexities, programming, and technologies. In this scenario, you can also talk to their previous clients to better understand their work.
  • Check their Portfolio: A passionate app developer must make a difference in your business. Talk to them about the last project they have done. A passionate person must have a good collection of his or her work. You can overview the portfolio and see their past projects. After going through the portfolio, ask yourself if this candidate will fit your requirements or not. Moreover, you can ask them what hurdles did they safe during their last project. What was the solution they discovered? An ideal candidate is one that not only have good skills. They also have the willingness to remove the barriers on their way.
  • Self-Motivated Person: When it comes to app development, self-motivation is the key to success. Usually, a person gets motivation by the words of his manager. What if the manager is not available at the moment? The developer must have the capabilities to motivate himself to complete the tasks. A professional developer cannot disappoint you at any stage. Hence, hiring a dedicated person is also an essential factor that makes your business successful.
  • Finally, Interview the Best Candidate: Once you have finalized a person based on the above skills and requirements, call them for an interview. You can ask additional questions that they may don’t mention in their portfolio or resume. Make sure that you follow a complete selection procedure. One wrong decision can lead you to a loss. If you think that a person is perfect for Android app development, ask one more person to take an interview. In this way, you will get a clear understanding.

Why is Hiring the Dedicated Android Developer being Necessary?

App development is a tedious process if you want to make your business successful. Hire the best developer is exceptionally essential today. It makes you get the highest ROI. With the help of technology players such as Cubix, you will propel the company to new heights of growth.