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How to Draw a Scarecrow


The goal of a scarecrow is not a mystery. It is actually in the name! These straw men are created to prevent crows from devastating cultures, but that does not prevent them from being scary for humans too!

His scare made popular additions to scary movies and such as Halloween decorations. Although it seems a lot, learning to draw a scarecrow can always be challenging. It may not be easy if you don’t have the right guide, but fortunately, you are in the right guide!

This step guide on drawing a scarecrow will ensure that the drawing is not a frightening experience. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing Scarecrow

Step 1

We will start this guide on how to shoot a scarecrow by drawing the head of the scarecrow. The head will be made of a pumpkin to adapt to this feeling of Halloween that the scarecrows are often associated with! Before you draw this pumpkin head, you can start with your hat on your head. It will be designed with an oval top, two lines falling, and a round edge.

After drawing this hat, you can add lines to a cross effect that will give the straw. Finally, you can draw the pumpkin’s head by drawing curved lines down the hat. Some simple lines for the eyes and a shredded mouth will have healthy!

Step 2

Now that you have the head of your scarecrow finished, you can start on the first arm of the scarecrow. The scarecrow will use a jacket to cover the arm in this material. You can also use winding lines to draw the rope tied around the jacket sleeve.

Finally, straw and wood leave the shirt sleeve, as indicated in the reference image. It is all for this step, and you are ready to continue!

Step 3

You got the first arm in the previous phase of our guide on how to draw a scarecrow, and at this stage, you can draw the other.

It should not be a challenge because all you need to do is draw a mirrored image of the arm you designed in the previous step. However, you can always change the details if you wish!

Step 4

Let’s extend the clothes of the head scarecrow at this stage. First, start shooting the necklace at the base of the neck.

Then use curved lines for the sides of the coat. Finally, draw a line down to the center of the shirt and then draw some small circles on the buttons. You can also add some small squares with lines at the edges of the patches of the shirt.

Step 5

This part of our guide on drawing a scarecrow will add details and final elements before the last step. First, use the next straight lines of the scarecrow for the post where you are hanging. So you can add crows to your arms to show that it may not be the most effective scarecrow of all time!

It will finish the details of this guide, but before moving on, you should feel comfortable adding details you may like! An excellent addition would be to create a background for your image. You can draw something like a cornfield or perhaps a scary house haunted for the background to create an even more Halloween image. Found elements of the hat or additional details, can you think of putting your turn on this scarecrow drawing?

Step 6

Now that you’ve finished the Scarecrow design, you can bring this last step of our guide on how to draw a scarecrow! In our reference image, we used pumpkin orange. Then we ended with bruises and brown by the rest of the scarecrow.

We also add colorful splashes, such as green and red, for lower details in the image. It is a step where you can let your creativity take control and use all the colors you like!

There are many ways to integrate your favorite colors in this image, and you can use different art media to bring these colors to life.

Simple Drawing

Media like watercolors or colored pencils can be ideal for images with a scarier atmosphere like this. On the other hand, using media, such as acrylic paintings, pens, or colored markers, would bring vibrant colors to the image and look amazing!

What colors, artistic tools, and media will you use to finish this image?

Do this to Pass your Shine Drawing to the Top Level

Make your scarecrow outline even better should not be scary with these tips! This drawing of a scarecrow we created in this image doesn’t look scary. Some scarecrows can be quite scary, and it can be fun to make this scarecrow a little scarier!

You can do this by giving you a more sinister facial expression and making your clothes darker and more in cradles. Perhaps the scarecrow may also have legs it uses to slip. What other ways of thinking could you use to make this scarecrow a little scarier?

After deciding how you would like your scarecrow, you can add a background to make this image more interesting to watch. An obvious choice would be to portray something like a cornfield, perhaps with a distance barn. It would be an idea, but there are many other parameters you could go for! If you have seen an actual scarecrow, you can use it to help you draw.

Adding one or two other friends to your scarecrow design can also be fun. If you have to try this, you can follow the guide steps as you change certain details about each scarecrow. They could be close to each other, or some can be designed smaller to show a perspective. How do you think these scarecrows could be? Finally, you can also consider adding other types of characters to finish your scarecrow sketch. It could be a human cartoon. For example, you can be a farmer in a straw hat.

You can also opt for animals you hope to see on a farm, and they can make friends with the scarecrow. It can be designed in a cartoon style, or you can make them more realistic if you prefer. What types of characters do you think you would like to add?

Your Scarecrow Drawing is Complete!

It takes you to the end of this guide on how to draw a scarecrow! This image may seem like a frightening perspective to face, but we hope that, following this guide, you have found not only easy but also a lot of pleasure! Now that you have finished this image, you can go even further by adding your details and elements. We mentioned some ideas, such as the background or its details, so it is up to you to decide on the scary type of parameter you would like your scarecrow to be! We have many other drawing guides like this so that you can enjoy our site! We hope to see it there often because we often download new guides so you can enjoy them.