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How to Check for a Healthy Fish to Buy for your Home


An aquarium adds life to your space. Every member of your family is excited about having one. The aquarium is making the home interior beautiful with the color of Fish.  Before thinking of having a pet fish, you should first know how to spot a healthy fish to buy.

Physical Characteristics

The first thing to consider is the physical appearance of the fish. You have to watch the fish for a while. A healthy pet is one with a bright color. A fish with a dull or pale color is not healthy.

Patchy or dark coloration is not a sign of bad health. However, it is an indication that the fish is in a stressful condition. Check for boils, open sores, ulcers, blemishes, and peeling scales.

You also have to look for abnormalities like salt-like crystals and black tiny nodules. These are parasites living in these fishes. Be sure to examine the fins of the fishes as viruses thrive in these parts.

The eyes of the healthy fishes are clear. They are not popping from the sockets and are not cloudy. Check out the fins. Buckled, torn, ripped, and ragged fins indicate trouble.

The stomach should be rounded, not sunken or bloated. The scales are smooth and flat. Inspect the fish waste. A healthy fish secretes a dark-coloured waste. If you notice a pale-coloured waste, do not purchase it. So always taking care of these small things before purchase.


Healthy fishes breathe normally. Unhealthy fishes guzzle for air and hang around the upper portion of the fish tank. You have to stay away from fishes with mouths over the water level. The movement of the pets are always important before they are kept in a place. Similarly for all pets like DOG, cat,s, and Moosegazete etc.

Whenever possible, compare the movement of the gill with other fishes. Rapid or slow movement is a sign of fish stress. The gill movement of the fish is moderate and typical.


Healthy fishes swim horizontally. They interact well with the inhabitants of the fish tank. You have to avoid fishes that are always in a hiding position. Do not purchase fishes that are always crawling near the corners of the aquarium.

Buy fish with a good appetite. Feeding is an important aspect of a fish. Good eaters make perfect pets.


It is a wise move to check out the prices of the fish. Unbelievable cheap prices are so misleading. There must be some danger somewhere. There is a possibility that these fishes are caught illegally. So, buy your healthy pet from a reputable buyer or from a well-known platform for a better price offer.

Catching Qualities

The fish should be easily caught using two nets. This is a requirement in replacing the water in the tank. Using just one net can stress your fish. It can result in a wild hunt around your aquarium.

In order to have a long-standing relationship with your pets, you have to consider four indicators of a healthy fish. These are the chemical and physical characteristics, behavior, prices, and catching qualities.