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How to Change your Username in Minecraft?

Username in Minecraft

A username is considered as a part of your digital profile in multiplayer online games, like Minecraft. It is the name used in a game that lets the other players identify you. A username should be notable and creative as it reflects your personality. However, you can easily change the username in a few simple steps if a need to change arises. For instance, if you want to pick a more modern gamer ID, simplify a complicated username, or if you ever get bored of your current profile name.

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However, it can only be achieved on PC and Mac editions of Minecraft. The profile usernames on Xbox and PlayStation are associated with the corresponding console usernames. Hence, they can only be replaced whenever the Gamertag Xbox or Sony PSN ID changes.

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What are the Steps to Minecraft Change Username?

Java Edition

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To change your name in the java version, the first step is to open your Minecraft launcher. Now click on Settings in the bottom left, then click on the accounts at the top. On this page, you’ll find all the Minecraft accounts that you are logged into currently.

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Now choose the Minecraft account of which you want to change the name by clicking the three dots next to it. Then click on manage account. After that, you will automatically be redirected to the login page on Minecraft’s official website.

Mojang Edition

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Another method is for users owning a Mojang account which is also called a Microsoft account. These account holders can change their username for free at After opening the official website, simply add your email address and password that you use for your Minecraft account and sign in. After doing so, you can see your account settings. At the bottom of the page, you should be able to see your Minecraft username under profile information. Click on change and enter your new username.

Rails in Minecraft

Different Username Minecraft Ideas and Instructions

Keep the following stipulations in mind while choosing a username in Minecraft.

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  • It must have a minimum of three and a maximum of sixteen characters without any spaces in-between. Less than three characters in the username are not supported anymore.
  • Upper and lower-case characters from A to Z and numerals from 0-9 are acceptable.
  • Only underscore (_) is allowed to be used as a special character in the username. It can be used in between, at the end, or at the start of the username.
  • Try to choose a username that is unique and not used by other Minecraft players.
  • It should be ethically creative.
  • You can change your username once in 30 days; hence you should choose it very carefully.
  • Once you’ve decided on a new username and are ready to claim it, click on ‘change profile name’.

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Your changed profile name will be displayed in-game the next time you play!

Climacteric Words

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Even if the username is changed by you, there is still a UUIS (a type of link for each account) that remains the same. It is separately made for every account in the game. It recognizes you even if you change your username, to help you out with the players you banned, and changes you made before. In addition, you can also log in to your account again if you face any problem with your changed username or otherwise contact customer support.