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How Practices can Benefit from Sammy EMR

Sammy EMR

Are you looking to improve the way that your practice works? Are you an independently run podiatry practice? In that case, if you are looking for a new EMR, we have an excellent choice for you to consider. We’re, of course, talking about the amazing Sammy EMR, software built by and for podiatrists.

In order to truly understand what the software has to offer, we’ll be exploring some of the features. This will help put into context how much the software can be critical for podiatrists. Read through the article to learn about Sammy EMR and what it can offer!

Sammy EMR is a comprehensive medical health solution that can aid independently-run podiatrists in running their practice. The software is also eligible to work with mid-level-sized practices. Sammy offers practices with a suite of solutions, which include clinical documentation, administration, and billing features.

About Sammy EMR

The three decades of experience that Sammy brings to the table makes it a top-tier podiatry software. Not to mention Sammy has been created for podiatrists by actual doctors. They understood the issues that podiatrists face as they manage their own practices. The software, in its essence, is a response to those gaps in care.

If you’re wondering what the Sammy EMR pricing is, you should know it starts at around $349 every single month. However, a full pricing plan can be received when you reach out to the vendor for more details. You can also reach out to the vendor to get a Sammy EMR demo. This will help you see what the software has to offer in a virtual tour format.

The software has also garnered some excellent Sammy EMR reviews, which speak to its amazing features. All the way from coding help, to claim management, and even charting is praised by practices. Ultimately it is software that has a lot to offer, with a specialized understanding of podiatry.

Top Features of Sammy EHR

We’ve given you a run-down of what Sammy is. Now, it’s time to dive into the excellent features offered by the software. These features are precisely why Sammy EMR has such amazing reviews and why it can be a great fit for podiatrists.

Specialist Podiatry Tools

What really makes Sammy EMR stand out is the fact that it is, through and through, a podiatry EMR. It can understand what you need from software, and it can even comprehend what your practice needs. It has been built to include data, templates, and workflows that are best suited to your specialist area.

When you enter patient information, you can do it on forms that are relevant to podiatry. You can also use codes that are relevant to diagnoses that are typical in podiatry. Everything about the software works perfectly in the context of a podiatrist clinic. Therefore, you will need to invest less time in customizing and adapting the software so it fits the bill.

Efficient Task Management

When you use Sammy EMR, the first thing that you will see on your screen is a task management dashboard. This is a snapshot of the status of your practice and the tasks that need to be carried out. Of course, the information that you see on the dashboard is kept safe. Since it can include sensitive patient data, it follows HIPAA regulations.

medical task management

You can use the dashboard to carry out tasks quickly, and efficiently. It helps you utilize tools that can aid in the process of completing tasks. The best part is the software updates with every change. The changes can also be monitored to make sure no data is lost. As the administrator, you can even see who has made changes and when.

Quick Data Storage and Documentation

Storing data is an important part of the work you do. Essentially, an EMR is a collection of patient data carried out in an effective and organized way. This means that with Sammy, you can not just keep data in a safe place, you can also add data or export the data if needed.

The doctors at your practice can also look through patient records easily. It is relatively easy to find a patient’s chart. The information can be reviewed or updated and checked at any time. The data in the charts is also protected by following HIPAA guidelines.

Easy Patient Communication

In order to keep up with patients and empower them, you can use the Sammy patient portal. As soon as patients enter the portal, they will get access to a few things. For one, they can view their information such as summary notes and medical history.

Patients also have the option to use the software to create appointments. This makes it easier for everyone in the practice. It cuts out the load on administrators and makes planning much easier. The more the patient has control over the scheduling, the less likely they are to miss their appointments.

Portable And Accessible Care

One of the most frustrating parts of traditional patient care is that data is stored in the clinic. What this means is that if you need anything after hours, or when you are at home, you are at a loss. Either you carry paper-based files home, or you wait until the next day. However, you have another option when using Sammy Systems.

Because Sammy EMR is cloud-based software, it is completely portable. It can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet. You can also use various devices such as a handheld device. This is a great option especially during a visit, so you are not tied to your desk and can pay attention to the patient.

Is Sammy EMR the Right Software for me?

For practices working in the podiatry setting, Sammy EMR really seems like the perfect fit. It has all the benefits of a generic EMR, but with the added context of specialist tools. However, the only person who can decide what their practice needs is you. If you think Sammy is the right software, you can get some research done.

Reading through reviews, requesting a demo, or checking out what the software offers can be instrumental. This will help you narrow down what you need from Sammy and make sure you can deliver it efficiently. You can then decide if it fits the bill for what you expect from an EMR. Always be sure to do the right amount of research!