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How Much is it to Rent a Limo?

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Why is it important to get a cheap limo rental in NYC before traveling? How does it help you if you have an important meeting? How to start your research? Use these simple tips to get the best deal on your next Limo rental. Get a quote below!

– Ask around. You can always ask for quotes from friends, family, or co-workers. If you have someone in your group who has rented a limo before, you can ask them about the best deals they have gotten. Get a quote for the price of a luxury taxi.

Hidden Fees

Some companies charge you extra charges for mileage. For example, if you choose a stretch limo rental New York City will charge you for the distance traveled. However, they won’t charge you for the time you spend sitting in the car. Check this out first to be sure that you don’t have to pay extra charges.

Inquire about the driver’s past driver’s licenses and records. A good limo rental service will provide you with a credit card number to check so you know who your driver will be. Also, make sure the limo rental company is licensed to provide transportation services in your state.

Promotional Coupons

Arrange beforehand for promotional coupons. Get a jump start on your special day. Some limo rental companies offer prom discounts or prom promo codes that can save you more on your limo rental. Find out what discount or promo code they are offering. Then use it to book your limo service early and get the special deal of a lifetime.

Stretch limo rental New York City provides party buses to transport passengers to all of the major events and special occasions. The number of passengers can depend on the occasion. Typically, party buses can accommodate up to 20 passengers. They also serve as great options for graduation parties, bachelor parties, and prom nights. You can even hire them for wedding transportation, destination weddings, and honeymoons.

Special Limo Rental

Arrange for a special limo rental option. Some companies offer stretch limo rentals with a special limo entrance fee. This way you can be assured that only the best of drivers will be by your side. There is a pass escalade limo rental option where a discount for every eight hours of rent. The price also includes a security deposit. Inquire if there is a monthly or annual fee included.

The best nights out in the city are not always the same. Plan a night out that includes a limo rental and a few stops to meet friends for drinks at a popular nightclub. Many of the clubs offer drink deals to customers who spend a specified amount. A quick search online for “drink deals” will reveal many offers to fit your needs.


Ask about late-night, weekend, and evening transportation options. New York City offers so much to see and do during the daytime that finding transportation after hours can prove a challenge. Inquire about late-night, weekend, and evening rental options. NYC rents limousines for special occasions like weddings and proms. If you need a rental in order to safely transport your party to the venue, you may be able to arrange for added safety services.

Get quotes from several transportation companies in advance and consider using an insurance company. Insurance can cover the rental if any of the passengers are hurt in a collision or if something goes wrong during the ride. It can also provide a good time-saving factor when you’re looking to rent a large vehicle in town.


You need to know exactly how much is it to rent a limo for two hours. Calculate how many passengers there are in the car. If the party includes adults, calculate how many people the limo can safely hold. For the best value, choose a larger vehicle with two to four-passenger capacity.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Inquire about the comfort of the seats, the size of the car, whether or not the windows can be opened, and if the driver’s area has enough space for you to sit up straight in the back of the limo. Inquire about the quality of the interior. Luxury limousine typically offers leather seating, plush carpeting, and speakers for music.