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How Innovative Custom Box Printing is Better for Your Brand Image

Are you still wondering why certain businesses do better than others? Have you ever compared their packaging boxes? the answer lies in their box printing techniques and whether they are using its potential or not.

The main difference between a highly demanded product and the one not very popular is that the former uses customized printing on the boxes.

What does such printing comprise?

Many businesses have been using this marketing method for a long time now. This sets the brand apart from many others and successfully shines at retail racks.

Even though many sellers are familiar with the pros of using customized printing on their boxes, they are put off by the many myths surrounding such printing processes. The common ones are:

  • The printing is expensive.
  • It is not for every product and market.
  • Doesn’t consider recommendations from the seller.
  • Wears off quickly.

There might be more! But this article is here to bust all these myths and prove that customized printing is here to offer you the best branding platform.

box printing

Why wait anymore? Start reading to find out more.

Custom V/S bland

One: Custom features work rapidly

How long does KFC take to attract customers? Probably as soon as they see the logo on the packaging bucket. The same goes for most famous businesses.

They have worked cleverly with their printing to make the logo familiar to their audience. This is one of the pros of using customized printing. It takes the brand identity to places much faster than ordinary boxes. seeing a bland box won’t entice customers to pick the products. they would rather not go for it and consider the manufacturer unprofessional and unreliable. Probably not very much.

Human psychology diverts the focus on vibrant objects that create some level of enthusiasm. The boxes are no different.

Two: Align the overall branding

The boxes are your marketing tool. While many businesses realize this, not many actually use them well for the task. Custom box printing can take care of all your branding needs. It is designed to meet marketing targets by:

  • Being in sync with the brand image.
  • Promote the other marketing material by reminding buyers of them through relevant patterns and content.
  • Convey all important selling points effectively.
  • Bridge communication gap when clients see the contact info on the boxes and use it.
  • Keep reminding buyers of the brand image with persistent logo and name displayed at all boxes.

Bland boxes do not do any of the stated functions. They merely keep the contents together without reflecting on the seller. It doesn’t take a genius to know that modern buyers look for an extra edge before settling for a brand. Something that basic boxes fail to provide. Custom printing is the only way you can have two-way communication with your buyers and get the relevant details across.

Three: Mold the boxes according to set specifications

Not every seller produces products that abide by general specifications. There are many sizes and shapes of items out in the market. With custom printing, you can shape the containers according to your products. It means altering the size and shape of the boxes to suit your items well.

The same is not possible with basic and bland boxes. these come only in pre-set dimensions and do not allow room for alterations. These can be unsuitable for the products and can be hazardous because:

  • The items can move around a lot and break as a result.
  • It is a wastage of stock paper and could cost more than customized ones.
  • The box thickness might not be sufficient to keep fragile components safe.

Manufacturing products is a costly job. You don’t want them to appear faltered or unfavorable. Getting custom printed shipping boxes is a good answer to avoid such situations and appear functional to potential consumers.

There is a reason that food items in the same industry enjoy the same level of customer demands. For example, Toblerone and Cadbury both belong in the same market. The only difference is their packaging and how it is printed that affects customers’ choices.

Four: More cost-effective

It is only a myth that custom boxes add significantly to costs. If you work out their expenses to the revenue they generate, you would be astonished by the results!

What is the point of getting boxes just for the sake of it? Basic and generic boxes do not add to your brand image and rather give businesses a hard time getting sales revenues. In contrast, customized printing allows the boxes to be designed uniquely. All your products would sell faster and convert one-time customers into loyal ones.


By now the difference between simple boxes and custom box printing would be clear to you. Shedding all the misconceptions can get you a more loyal fan base and a better position among rivals. Modern printing techniques are sure to add brand value.