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How And Why Do You Need to Season Your Humidor Before Using It?

Cigar Humidor

If you want to keep your cigars fresh for the long term, you need a humidor.

The problem is with a new humidor, or that particular one, which you have not used for some time. So, it is the time when you need to take the moisture out of your stogies. It is the opposite of what you want to happen.

The cedar wood inside the humidor acts as a humidifier. Unfortunately, if You have not seasoned it, it will dry out the sticks instead of keeping them fresh. Therefore, it is not advisable to use a humidor before you have cured it.

What Can You Do To Spice Up Your Humidor?

These are the steps you need to follow. Before doing anything else, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Improper care of your humidor can void your warranty. The manufacturers give specific instructions for you given on cigar boxes wholesale. You need to follow these instructions. Sometimes, the manufacturers may warn you of some specific actions. Before doing anything else, you should familiarize yourself with all these instructions.

Also, note that these instructions are helpful when it comes to spicing up your humidor, but if you want to keep your warranty, you need to consider what the instructions say.

Clean Your Humidor with Distilled Water

To spice up your humidor, you will need some distilled water. Do not use tap water instead of distilled water, as it can leave mineral deposits.

Use a clean (and new) sponge or cloth to clean the cedar wood inside the humidor. You also need to include the lid, trays, and dividers for cleaning, if applicable.

Be gentle on the water. Using too much can end up damaging the humidor. Do not pour water into the humidor and then spread it out. Just use a moderately damp cloth or sponge to clean the cedar.

However, very high-end humidors made by companies like Elie Bleu do not recommend cleaning the interior because they can make the finely sanded interior rough.

Place the Sponge Inside the Humidor

Place it on top of a plastic bag or in a container. The sponge must not drip or touch wood. Make sure the water does not drip onto the interior wood. You will check this sponge later to see if your humidifier humidifies properly.

Place Your Humidification Device Inside

Check the manufacturer’s instructions on CBD Packaging Boxes. In some products, the manufacturers recommend that your humidification device takes distilled water. However, some companies provide separate humidification solutions. Fill it up, but do not let it get too saturated. Let the excess liquid drip into your sink, and soak up the excess water by placing it on a paper towel before use. When you are ready, keep the device inside your humidor.

Wait 24 Hours and Repeat

Close your humidor and wait 24 hours while it dries. After 24 hours, you will want to clean it again with distilled water. You will also want to wait at least another 24 hours after you have cleaned the inside of the humidor, but this time, do not leave the sponge inside (check to see if it is still damp) unless the humidity has not risen yet by 5% compared to the previous day.

Check for Moisture

Check your hygrometer to see if your humidor is now at least 65% after the second 24-hour waiting period. If not, save it for another day. Actually, it should be ready to go with your cigars. You will need to repeat the above processes until it reaches at least 65%. It may take two to seven days or more to season your humidor.

Please be patient during this process. You want to bring the humidor to 65-70% before putting your cigars in the humidor, so you do not have problems later.

You may need to test your hygrometer for accuracy. In some cases, you may recharge your humidification device to ensure accurate readings. The Boveda One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit is the best on the market for this. It is common for people to use a hygrometer that is not properly calibrated and to receive conflicting signals about the actual humidity level in their humidor. It leads to frustration and possibly damaged cigars.

Why Is It Necessary to Season a Humidor?

If your humidor is not seasoned, it will dry your cigars instead of keeping them for future use. Since your cigar collection may include some expensive or premium cigars, letting them dehydrate would be unfortunate and a waste of precious money. Cigars left out of a humidor will immediately begin to lose their moisture and dry out. It does not take time for a cigar to become brittle and leave you with a bad smoking experience.

If you buy your humidor online, it may not come with condiment-related instructions. Therefore, it is best to be aware of the process we describe here if you want to use it for its intended purpose.

Why Do I Need to Use Distilled Water Specifically?

Tap water can leave mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium in your cigars. It can cause unwanted odors, clog the humidifier, and worst of all, make cigars taste bad. It is not a problem with distilled water. This water is available at a reasonable price at all local stores in your surroundings & most of the reputed brands use custom CBD box to remain unique from the rest of their competitors.

Is It Necessary to Season a Humidor More Than Once?

You may need to re-season your humidor periodically to maintain humidity levels. If you have to re-season more than once a year, it may be time for a new one.

Use your hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. You also need to make sure your hygrometer is calibrated correctly, and do not forget to charge your humidifier as often as necessary. You can also use 1 ounce of propylene glycol solution once every six months in your humidifier to keep mold out and help regulate humidity. Daniel Marshall specifically recommends this for his humidors.