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Hook and Loop Patches are Removed Design & Picture Perfect and Fastener Swing


Hook and loop patches are used to protect in place, it’s usually there to stay. However, this isn’t the case for a custom patch with hook and loop backing. Custom-made hook and loop patches are easy to attribute to any type of fabric, covering off and swapping at a moment’s notice should you feel the need to change up your look. All of the blotches we help design are available with a hook and loop backing option, so if you’re looking for an easy way to secure your hat patches, backpack patches, and jacket patches in place, they’ve got you enclosed.

Custom Hook and Loop Patches For Semi-Permanent Attachments

While custom hook and loop patches are the best way to express the best ease to the shirt and make an appeal it’s become identical with the hook and loop fastening that the company makes, and that same style of hook and loop connection makes for one of our most popular support choices.

  • Custom-made hook and loop patches feature your design sewn onto the stiff hook assistance.
  • Each order arrives adhered to the softer loop piece to ensure safe shipping.
  • Formerly the easier piece is detached, you’re prepared to follow your patch onto whatever appropriate surface you intend. Remove the patch and replace it with another whenever you want. It’s just that simple.

Various Types of Patch backing

At American Patch, we create many of our embroidered, woven, and dye sublimated patches with our standard plastic backing to give them a bit of stiffness. However, there are many other types of patch backings that you can use for your patches. Here are some of the most popular:

Plastic Hook and Loop Patches

Plastic and backing are the types of support that all regular patches have, whether they’re embroidered, woven, or dye sublimated. This backing gives the patch rigidity and helps it keep its shape over the years. Plastic backings can be used on patches of every shape and size and are thin enough to allow you to sew your patch onto fabric.

Hook and Loop Morale Heat Seal Patches

Customized hook and loop Heat seal patch supports are a special type of support that when animated, will form a bond between the patch and the fabric. Despite what many think, these patches can’t be attached with a simple home iron. Instead, they need the proper amount of time, pressure, and temperature to seal correctly. This can be done using a heat seal machine, which can be found at most local sporting goods stores.


Hard Hook & Loop

Hard hook & loop patch backings are often used for military patches and are popular among law enforcement branches. The backing is composed of tiny hooks and loops (much like the rough side of Velcro) that allow you to attach the patch to a soft backing for a secure connection.

Soft Pile Hook & Loop

Soft pile hook & loop patch backings are made from “fuzzy material” and can be attached to the rough side of Velcro (or a hard hook & loop patch). Like the hard hook & loop backings, these backings are also often used for military patches and are popular among law enforcement branches – they’re often bought in conjunction with hard hook & loop backings to make a two-sided patch that can be sewn onto uniforms.

Self-Stick Military Hook and Loop Patches

Self-stick patch backings are made of a sticky adhesive. When you want to attach your patch to something, all you have to do is simply cover away from the paper backing and press the patch onto the fabric or other material. While opportune, self-stick backings aren’t as durable as other backings.

Hold Splashes

Grab pin backings are often used in the military and can transform a patch into one that can be pinned to fabric instead of sewn, stuck, or heat-sealed. When patches with pin backings are created, we place the flat part of the pin in between the patch and its sponsorship and leave the piercing part of the pinout. That way, you can place the pin into the fabric and protect it with any assistance.

PVC Custom patches provide you with the best and the most famous sayings that you would want to get your hands on. It looks funky, and it signifies your uniqueness. Moreover, with the wrong clothes, it can be hard to animate in a storm. You can count on our studio to get your uniform patches through every season, whether in emergency rescue or the military. It would help if you had a custom hook and loop patch to recognize your profession or run an E-store for service, defense, or any other uniform. Hook and loop morale patches save your time and money. Also, provided an effective way of using the patch anywhere you famine.