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Historical Diriyah – A Must Watch Place in Saudi Arabia for Pilgrims While Ziarat

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The historical Diriyah is known as one of the most ancient places found in Saudi Arabia. This place is also known as the “Pearl of Saudi Arabia” because of its significance of this place back in history. This place is basically known to consist of 300+ years of culture and exhibits the distinctive norms and customs of Saudi Arabia. A lot of different sports events cultural festivals, shopping spots educational occasions are celebrated in this place with the great collaboration of people. Visitors and different travelers go for recreation and to celebrate different occasions that have considerable importance in their lives. Diriyah is a site full of different museums, hotels, and various other halls for art and craft exhibitions.

Tourists also like to visit these places and the government of Saudi Arabia earns a lot with the help of tourism. The place also houses the Al-Bujairi, Diriyah Mosque, and various other places that are quite important in the lives of Muslims. There are some important places that must be visited once to explore the historical places present in Saudi Arabia:


Al-Turaif is a traditional area that is located northwest of Riyadh city in Saudi Arabia. According to different surveys, Al Turaif has been discovered to be present 300 years ago. It is considered the birthplace of the first Saudi monarchy. Its wonderful monuments and stately houses represent the country’s rich values and traditions. It was constructed in the 1700s and features Najdi architectural highlighting the Saudi Arabian culture. The settlement has been renovated in accordance with UNESCO rules to display historical relics and vintage items. Al-Turaif is significantly known to have a lot of different cultural assets placed inside that are worth seeing. Visitors and travelers from different countries come to visit these areas to explore the beauty of this historical place.

Al-Bujairi District

Beautiful countryside and a variety of palm fronds may be seen in the old Al-Bujairi District. The site has a different visual construction that affects the tourism industry and is located in the north section of Riyadh, towards the east of Hanifa Valley. The district spans 60,000 square meters and displays artifacts dating back to Saudi Arabia’s inception. The location boasts a beautiful green landscape with several recreational options that folks may enjoy throughout the winter season. There are also several old mosques and pastures in the area. Furthermore, the region contains several businesses selling indigenous clothing and paintings portraying the country’s past.

Al-Bujairi District

Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Mosque

The Imam Mohamed ibn Saud Mosque is located in the Turaif area. This place has notable ancient structures and historical landmarks that are worth visiting because of their magnificent view and satisfying ambiance. It consists of three distinct sections separated by fences and dwellings. The first building present there is the mosque which is a calm place to explore. The second is the plaza where visitors usually go to meet the Imam and Moazin who live there. The last and third is a large and beautiful garden with various beautiful plants from all around the kingdom. The mosque can hold up to 2000 male attendees and 700 female pilgrims in distinct places.

Wadi Hanifa

Wadi Hanifa is a lovely basin that runs through the cities of Irqah, Uyaynah, and Diriyah. From the summit, the valley provides a breathtaking perspective of these settlements. Mountaineering may be done by travelers when exploring Diriyah. During the cold season, the valley is ideal for hosting excursions. Travelers can also observe some of the migrating birds that move to the Hanifa throughout the winter. In addition, the current regime is constructing a green passage to improve the Valley.

How to Reach and Visit Diriyah?

Diriyah is situated approximately 20 minutes northwest of Riyadh’s city center, allowing an easy access from Saudi Arabia’s capital city. To thoroughly discover the area, travelers need arrange a personal cab. However, various tourist organizations provide handpicked excursions of prominent Ad Diriyah attractions. The pilgrims also visit the place while doing ziarat after they have completed their Umrah performance.

A lot of travelers go with 8 Nights Umrah packages to explore the beauty of Saudi Arabia. Such packages are quite affordable for travelers as they can also avail the opportunity to execute their religious obligation as well as explore the different historical places. A lot of travel agencies present different packages to customers to avail the opportunity for visiting different places as well as performing Umrah with the proper supervision of professional guides. The choice of hiring a guide is optional for those who can afford it. The Umrah packages can also be customized in different ways as per the requirements of travelers. They opt for vast facilities and services that can be added to the packages to make their pilgrimage memorable and satisfying with comfortable flights.