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Here’s how Archive Mystery Box Makers are Scamming you! Beware of the Rip-off!

Archive Boxes

Getting into the mystery cardboard archive boxes puzzle is a faux pau for sure, however, if you are wondering.

Archive Boxes: What is a Mystery Box?

The answer to the question lies in the simple fact that it is a bizarre marketing strategy. The idea behind mystery archive box sizes is to trick customers in different ways. Not only is it demeaning to see that people fall into their trap but also sad to know how dreadful it must be to lose all the money worth nothing.

In short, the companies trap you with no way out. Once you order your mystery box, you are ambushed. There isn’t anything you can do with your back to the wall because the company will never let you recover your claim. Well, if you still are unsure, let’s walk you through some major scams companies do to you.

Overly Priced

Aren’t we all aware of the scams done within appealing and best archive boxes? If not, then you must. Being heftily charged to something you are unaware of is crap on its own. However, people across the globe love the idea of a “surprise” product. Well, it would’ve been a surprise if it was worth lesser money, but it isn’t. Ideally, the best archival storage boxes are too expensive because companies claim the gift prizes to be anything worth millions of dollars which really isn’t true. The curiosity within people forces them to buy such heinous products, and they end up being captive.

So the first logical point Is that they are a little too expensive. Even if one spends a good amount of money and receives suitable products is okay, this isn’t. although there are a few companies who value their customers and offer such honest and impeccable services.

Fake Media Promotions

With social media being the king everywhere, digital media promotions are common. This is why we see brads reaching out to different influential personalities in order to leave a kind word for them, but guess what? The PR is all part of the plan. It is pretty obvious that every mystery box has different products unknown to people, which is why it is called a “mystery box” in the first place. However, what the audience forgets is that it is not what it looks like. All the promotions are done to entice and intrigue people into buying these storage boxes. Although mystery boxes were really a thing, why don’t people win expensive items worth the price they pay?

If you are also wondering about all these points, this is the right time to boycott such spams to snarl up people into their traps.

Substandard Quality of Products

With that being said, by now, you would’ve realized that mystery boxes don’t have the exact products. For instance, if we take a makeup brand, they will showcase their mystery boxes as for being elegant, unique, charming, and whatnot. But the reality is, the products shown in ads aren’t in the real boxes.

The real boxes probably consist of cheaper makeup or clothes or whatever the respective company sells. Hence beware.

Unsatisfactory Customer Staff

If a company constantly scams its users, the public lashes out at the customer staff, and we can all imagine the consequences. In such times, the companies usually show their lines to be busy or servers to be down for the matter to cool down and restart again.

Moreover, if you are lucky enough to get a receiver, they will file your complaints with no action. There are a hundred complaints of people crying over wasting their money, but they aren’t paid back. This is how companies earn money by scamming customers.

Also, not to forget, the customer staff seems to understand your issue, but will they really take some prompt action? Or will they prefer transferring your calls?


Last but not the least, if you want to save your hard-earned money, please don’t spend it on mystery boxes. Go and Buy these products on your own with no risks to take. Any company offering mystery boxes sees their profit because this is how the market works. On the contrary, they don’t care about your money. Every time a person files a complaint, we can see the obvious results of holding any representative accountable. Every company has a scapegoat to entangle customers into such frauds with their backs held.

Henceforth, it would be best if you learned a lesson and aware of your acquaintances too. Stay safe from the mystery boxes scam for your own safety. Not only will it save your money but also enough headache to deal with.