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Guide to Reduce Shoulder and Biceps Fat – Guaranteed Effective

Causes of fat accumulation in shoulders and biceps

In women, thick shoulders, big and coarse biceps are minus points in the eyes of men. Decreasing confidence when wearing deep shoulder, biceps, and even swimwear. But many women have tried many different ways but all have not achieved positive results.

According to experts, if you want to effectively reduce shoulder and biceps fat, you must first understand the reason why there is excess fat accumulation in these two locations. In fact, in addition to reasons such as unreasonable eating, lazy to exercise, it can also be caused by:

  • Aging: From about 28-29 years old onwards, the body begins to fall into the aging stage, the most obvious manifestation is that the skin begins to appear wrinkles, no longer as resilient as before. Leads to the biceps and shoulder areas of the skin sagging, wrinkled than before.
  • Childbirth: Women at this stage have added twice or more food than usual to help their baby grow healthy. With a lot of foods rich in calories and nutrients, then fat is stored in the abdomen and many places on the body.
  • Practicing the wrong technique: Working hard in sports is very good, but if you do not practice the right movements, especially the shoulder and arm exercises with incorrect technique, causing the muscle bundles not to work properly, it will cause serious problems. This position has a higher risk of excess fat storage.
  • Heredity: Although the incidence of this case is not much, there is still a risk, especially in families with mothers with large and coarse shoulders.
  • Lifestyle: The habit of staying up late, snacking, drinking milk tea, sleeping during the day, and lying down after eating can all cause the body’s energy metabolism to change.

In addition to the combined factors that can make the shoulder and biceps area bigger than usual, in women there is also a part affected by wearing a bra that is too tight, creating marks on the shoulder. Therefore, to reduce shoulder and biceps fat, you must first overcome some of the factors mentioned above.

Exercises to reduce shoulder and biceps fat

Along with the scientific plan to reduce shoulder and biceps fat, you should work hard to do sports to better support the reduction of shoulder and biceps fat. There are many exercises to overcome this position, but the following exercises are the most popular, easy to apply, and highly effective.

Lose shoulder and biceps fat with push-ups

Push-ups (push-ups) are one of the most familiar exercises for both men and women. Each push-up not only supports toning the abdomen, increasing the size of the bust but also reduces shoulder and biceps fat. In particular, women who perform this exercise regularly will not have to worry about making muscles appear.

Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Put your palms on the floor, parallel to your shoulders, prop your toes to raise your body so that your belly does not sag.
  • Step 2: Lower your body and bend your elbows until your chest is close to the floor, hold for 2 seconds and raise to the original position. Combine breathing evenly.

Do about 20 push-ups, 10 sets each time. Push-ups are only effective when practicing the right technique, not fast, for sure, so you should try even though the first time after the exercise may cause the body to be sore.

You can buy some gym equipment to support such as yoga mats, dumbbells, … They are sold on sales websites, remember to apply discount codes and coupons for gym equipment when buying to enjoy the preferential price.

Weightlifting exercises to reduce shoulder and biceps fat

For this exercise, you need two moderate dumbbells, with a weight of about 1kg. Using weights and the correct hand techniques will help burn shoulder fat and toned biceps. Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Stand up straight or sit up straight, holding two dumbbells in both hands
  • Step 2: Then bring it straight out in front of you for about 2 seconds, then raise your arms straight above your head, hold for 2 seconds, and lower to your shoulders. Continue lifting weights straight up and down continuously about 20 times / 2 sets

Reduce shoulder and biceps fat by pulling your hands behind your back

Pulling hands behind the back is one of the yoga exercises to reduce fat that is very suitable for women. Coming to this exercise, you will not need to use much strength anymore, instead adjust the posture of your hands to the correct technique. Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Stand or sit with your back straight, with your stomach in, bring one hand back from below, so that the palm is open.
  • Step 2: Bring your other hand behind but in an upward direction, but with your palm facing down and grab the open palm. You hold firmly for the 30s-60s or longer and then switch to the other shoulder

This is effective when you feel the biceps and shoulders tighten, there is pain. Apply several times a day, especially when you feel back pain when sitting, it will be very effective.

Exercise to reduce shoulder and biceps fat with the practice of clasping your hands behind your back

Still a yoga move, but this time you bring your hands behind your back and clasp them together as an act of prayer. Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: Sit or stand with your back straight, then bring your hands back in the direction below
  • Step 2: Open your palms and squeeze them together in the middle of your back, bringing them up as high as possible. Hold for about 2 minutes, you can relax back to normal

This movement, if done regularly, will help you not only reduce fat in your shoulders and biceps but also improve your waistline and firmer abdominal muscles.


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