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Give your Skincare Products a Stylish Makeover with Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

custom printed shipping boxes

Are you intimidated by the number of skin care businesses in the market? Don’t worry, custom printed shipping boxes can save the day for your brand!

Skincare has been an integral of human nature ever since the formation of the very first civilization. People had and still continue to look for ways they can improve their skin conditions. Over the years, the skincare markets have been flooded with skincare items for every skin problem. They persuade customers into buying different items in order to enhance their appearance.

Naturally, the packaging that the skincare items come in, must also compliment the same attributes the product offers. Customized packaging is in high demand in this market. Brands swear by its effects on convincing more sales and customer loyalty.

Custom skincare packaging has also sprung up as a robust branding tool over the past decade. Brand recognition isn’t attainable without supporting skincare boxes. if you are new in the skincare market, modified versions of skincare boxes can fetch you a positive brand image and generate higher customers curiosity. Don’t believe us? This article would definitely change your mind about the powerful impact of customized skincare packaging and why brands excessively use it for promoting themselves.

custom printed shipping boxes

The many Facets of Customization

The reason behind skincare brands’ exceeding reliance upon custom-made boxes is that they provide more than one way to achieve brand recognition, capture customers’ interest, and boost sales revenue and profits. It might be hard for you to imagine that a mere packaging box can have such ripple effects. But it is true! And can be judged by looking around the nearest retail outlet.

A lot of skincare brands define the marketplace. But only a handful enjoy repeated purchases and extreme popularity. These businesses invest in durable and effectual marketing regimes. The most prominent one among these is building the boxes for branding and ensuring effective deliveries. E-commerce has further upped the need for dependable shipping boxes. Modification using the corrugated stock is convenient and realizable. Skincare brands use this material to customize the boxes in the following manners:

Molding into Required Measurements

Skincare items are made with sensitive components. They need to be stored and transported under apt temperatures, sun exposure, and in straight positions. You might have, at some point, received torn and mutated packaging. It certainly puts off future orders and purchases from the brand. The ever-increasing competition in the skincare markets make it essential that the products must primarily reach the customers in good form.

Custom box-cutting procedures shapes and sizes the boxes so they become suitable for all kinds of skincare items. Brands attain higher customer satisfaction by shipping skincare items in their true form.

Box Printing Creatively

How do customers spot their go-to skincare brands? They do so by recognizing the brand image amongst the other skincare businesses.

When customer shop online, it is either through the brand’s website or third-party web portals. Whatever the platform is, customers’ expect their skincare to arrive in pleasant boxes. The recent trend of unboxing videos posted on You Tube has escalated the need for creating an unforgettable shopping experience.

Popular box features that are used for surprising customers include:

  • Artistic brand impressions. This consist of the brand logo and title.
  • Custom box shapes and creative seals. Customers get excited to access the skincare items and brands make it more memorable.
  • Personalized box features such as welcome and thank you notes, ribbons, and additional trays are highly valued by customers.
  • Customized accessories like handles and window cutouts adds glamor to the skincare boxes.

You can either go by the current industry trend to print the boxes likewise or can have your own ideas being materialized on the boxes.

Convenient After-Sale Service

Certain brands make it easier to resend the products using the same custom printed shipping boxes. Customers can ask for replacements or refunds for a variety of reasons. Apart from lowering damage risks, brands also use custom options to enable buyers to reship the skincare items by repackaging the original boxes.

Such effective after-sale services radiates a positive brand vibe and encourages customers to reorder. Brands also print their contact details so customers can get their queries resolved in a short while and avoid confusion. Moreover, skincare brands mention the ingredients, allergy info, expiry dates, and manufacturing details on the boxes. Customers trust the brands who are transparent about their production processes.

Attach a Responsible Brand Image

Customers are very conscious of the impact of their purchases on the environment. Sustainable skincare boxes are more in demand now than ever before.

It works to adopt reusable box materials for packaging. Corrugated stock is the optimum choice for shipping and is flexible to be customized in every way. Buyers attach a positive brand aura around companies that are sound of their actions. Skincare brands such as DermStore are vocal about their minimum wastage agenda and offer bio-degradable packaging. Once, customers are convinced of the favorable brand aspects, they won’t look anywhere else for buying skincare!

Withstand Industry Norms

The skincare market keeps experiencing changes. Technological evolutions, evolving customers’ tastes, and changing packaging standards are tough to keep up with.

However, these changes can easily and rapidly be imbibed using the skincare packaging boxes as the base. Brands can use trendy colors, graphics, and box dimensions to fit into every evolving market trend. Changing digital ads and product characteristics takes time and higher investment as compared to representing the change on the boxes.

Brands can have their branding printed on the boxes in a fraction of the cost set for marketing through costly platforms. Using reusable box stock and customized sizes further cut corners. Skincare items come in a wide range of options and brands can use customized boxes for each one without losing out on the branding aspects.


Skincare markets are reporting enhanced sales figures annually. Custom printed shipping boxes are an effective way to give your brand a leg up in the race!