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From Single Gender Educational System to Co-Education a Paradigm Shift

Educational System to Co-education

The majority of schools around the globe have a system of co-education which allows both genders to be educated together. There is a group of schools, however, which practices educating girls and boys separately. This is done quite regularly on religious and traditional grounds. They believe solely in the concept of different gender-different needs. It is a fact that everyone has varying learning needs but it does not always mean male and female students should be separated.

School is a hub of knowledge that provides a lot more than academics. Since children spend a big chunk of their imperative years of development in school; that is the place where they learn behavioral values as well through social interaction. It is therefore important to learn about the key aspects and impacts of both the prevalent systems of education. A great and trustworthy source to garner authentic information of this study is Dissertation writing service UK; which also provides relevant examples and applications from all around the globe.

Many schools with time, have changed their educational structure to allow the interaction between male and female students for formative behavioral development. There is no denial that single sexed schools have a myriad of benefits for both the teachers and the students.

People seem to hold mixed views about the situation. Due to growing awareness and liberalized mindset, most people acknowledge and admit that co-education proves to be more beneficial compared to the opposite.

Important Aspects of Mixed vs Single Gender Education Systems and their Possible Effects

As mentioned previously, in single-gender schools boys are unable to interact with their female counterparts and vice versa which in turn makes them shy. Lack of confidence becomes a huge obstacle in life, particularly in occasions where they have to interact with the opposite gender without choice. This may include places of family gatherings, social events, public places, or even competitions. It is very likely they will either not be able to voice their opinion or forcefully assert it, no in-between.

girl and boy hold book in his hand

It creates a sense of comradeship among them and teaches them to value everyone’s opinions to maintain harmony. Acknowledgment of diversity is one of the most important prerequisites of self-growth and development. Eventually, they will fail to accept changes around them and will have a hard time adjusting to the other gender wherever needed. They will also struggle to build peaceful relationships with each other in the future.

However, the school of thought that opposes such a system. It is better to educate boys and girls separately so that they are more productive in class. It’s an undeniable fact that having the opposite gender in the class creates distractions among pupils. To avoid such misconduct during learning, it is better to arrange their classes separately so that learning becomes more effective and distraction-free.

Breaking the Stereotype

Some things demand an extra mile of effort and change in order to unleash the hidden benefits. It was only until Armidale School of boys in New South Wales decided to break their century-old tradition of teaching boys only, that they realized the advantages that came along. Alongside the expansion of the school, the culture of the school changed drastically. The headmaster and school faculty themselves admitted. How this U-turn in the system had brought along dozens of opportunities for growth, not just on an individual level, but also as a whole.

Changing Views on the Type of System

Those competing with boys in school in various subjects like sports, mathematics, or science became career-oriented and focused later on. Who nevertheless have to make a career for a living. It made girls independent and competitive.

The mixed education system has made it possible to steer clear of some undesirable aspects of boys and girls. For instance, the extreme machismo among boys, which most of the time turns into a misogynistic approach later. While on the other hand, girls are more confident and level-headed instead of living in their own fragile bubble. Apart from that, it invokes a sense of equality and mutual respect among the two parties. This has undoubtedly been a significant development in the system of education. Moreover, they learned to acknowledge and respect each other’s differences, consequently maintaining peace and harmony.


The final verdict about which type of system is more effective since both have their equal share of pros and cons. The thesis writing service can help students and teachers get detailed and. Helpful insights on this and form their own reasoned opinions. The service providers also quote important examples as proof of the research, making it authentic.

Gender composition is a major part of a school’s structural issue. Educational institutions must shed light on their school’s structural composition in order to achieve academic as well as student behavioral excellence. Along with easing the previously rigid traditions and customary practices, this mixed system of education has boosted sophistication in society, particularly in the young.