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Figuring Out Which Foreign University would be Best for Indian Students

It is highly suggested to the students to compare all the various options available in front of them before figuring out which foreign university would be best suitable for them.

Approach Consultancies to Finding the Universities

Annually many students approach different consultancies with the aim of finding the best medical universities for them in abroad.

Consultancies Helping the Student Genuinely

There are many of the consultancies instead of helping the student genuinely only care about money making and try to send the students to the universities which would be paying them a good commission for admissions.

Wonderful Opportunities for a Student

MBBS in Ukraine is one of the most wonderful opportunities for a student. As the medical universities of Ukraine are globally ranked very high and their results have been extremely satisfying matching the global standards.

Easily Find Ukraine as a Great Place to Study

Indian students can easily find Ukraine as a great place to study their medical course because of the lack of language barriers in the country.

The country has Speaks the English Language

The majority of the country speaks the English language and once the students reach the level for their clinical training.

Regularly Communicate with the Local Citizens

It becomes important for them to regularly communicate with the local citizens of the country and in Ukraine.

Problems of the Language they Might Face

The students do not face any problems with the language which they might have to face if they choose to study their course in several other countries.

Stay Away from Family during the Course

A student must always keep in mind that they would be staying away from their family for the duration of the course. Thus they have to accept that fact so that they do not feel homesick.

Types of Extra-Curricular Activities and Seminars Organized

There are many types of extra-curricular activities and seminars which are organized and planned on a frequent basis in the Universities of Ukraine.

Decent Platform to Present Their Knowledge and Skills

Enhance the overall experience of the students and thereby providing them a decent platform to present their knowledge and skills.

Universities of Ukraine are Approved by the MCI

Not just the medical universities of Ukraine are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India) which is an advantageous point for Indian students.

Do Not Require Any Entrance Exam for the Admissions

But also some of these universities coach the students about how to clear the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test which helps them in passing these exams easily. Ukraine medical universities do not require the students to sit and clear any entrance exam for the admission.

Ielts Exam Center

Must Clear the NEET before Applying for an Admission

But as per the norms of the MCI (Medical Council of India), a student must clear the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam before applying for admission to a university abroad.

Have to Appear in MCI Screening Test

The MCI (Medical Council of India) has already made it clear that every student who has study MBBS in abroad has to appear for the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test which would ultimately lead to them clearing the exam as per the Indian standards.

High Percentage of Passing the Exam

The students who have studied from medical universities of Ukraine have a high percentage of passing the exam.

Become Eligible to Practice their Medical Degree

Thereby several students become eligible to practice their medical degree in India once they graduate from medical universities of Ukraine.

Affiliated Hospitals during the Internship Period

The students get lots of chances to showcase their practice in the affiliated hospitals during the internship period and gains knowledge from there as well.

Knowledge has Gained during the Course

Internship plays an important part in deciding about the knowledge the student has gained during the course and helping them enhancing that knowledge under the guidance of expert doctors of the hospitals.

No Doubt in Recommending Ukraine amongst the Top Choice

If we talk about doing MBBS in Europe, then we have no doubt in recommending Ukraine amongst the top choice for the students.