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Everything to know about drainable ostomy pouch system

An ostomy is a surgical procedure where a surgeon creates a hole in the patient’s abdomen that allows feces to leave the body through the stoma. Sometimes, ostomy surgeries are temporary and can be reversed, other times they are permanent solutions.

After undergoing surgery, the patient will need an ostomy bag to contain the feces that leaks through the digestive or urinary system. Choosing an ostomy bag can be overwhelming, they come in various types, styles, and sizes. Even though getting an ostomy pouch boils down to personal preference, it is still essential to know about your ostomy pouch system.

A drainable ostomy pouch system is a type of ostomy bag that patients can reuse. It allows the user to empty the feces in the pouch and then reuse it. Patients with ileostomies or patients with constant discharge are advised to get the drainable ostomy pouch system. Here are some things to know about the drainable ostomy pouch system;

  • Drainable pouches are open-ended with a type of secure closure such as a clamp, Velcro, press, and seal, etc. To make emptying and reuse of the pouch easier. The closure type provides the security and assurance that comes with a closed pouch. So when walking around you can feel confident that your pouch won’t leak. See here if this is your first time using a Stoma Dome with a Stealth Belt.
  • Pocket Friendly

It doesn’t require getting a new one every time the pouch gets filled up. It reduces cost because it can get reused many times over.

  • It is advisable to empty the pouch when it’s about half full and the outlet/closure should be cleaned of any feces that may remain on the pouch after being emptied.

Types of Drainable Ostomy Pouch system

  • One-piece Drainable Ostomy System

The pouch and the wafer/baseplate are inseparable. The user has to remove the whole system when changing the pouch. However, this can come off to some patients as being stressful.

  • Two-piece drainable ostomy system

The pouch and the skin barrier are two completely different parts. The user can remove the pouch solely, while the wafer can stay in place for 4 days before changing it for another one.

Advantages of Drainable Ostomy System

  • It’s the most suitable for patients with high discharge due to the nature of their digestive or ostomy issues. It is also suitable for patients with colostomy or ileostomy.
  • It is cost-friendly due to the reuse of pouches
  • It makes putting the wafer exactly where you want it a lot easier.
  • You can change the pouch without touching the wafer. This can happen for 4 days without moving the wafer from its position.  
  • The seal helps in preventing leakage and gives the user a sense of security.
  • Easy removal of heavy liquids

Disadvantages of drainable ostomy system

  • It makes emptying solid discharge difficult
  • It is time-consuming to drain and clean the pouch.
  • If not closed properly, it can cause unexpected spillage of the contents in the pouch.

Picking an ostomy pouch system mainly depends on user preference but with the knowledge gotten on drainable ostomy pouch system, it should aid in picking a pouch system suitable for the patient.