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Embed Slack Channel on Website – Different Tools to Embed

Embed Slack Channel

Internal Communication is extremely mandatory to avoid any communication gap between employees and the office staff. While there are many communication channels/tools available, one of the most efficient and favourite communication tools highly preferred by employees is Slack.

Businesses and organizations highly utilize Slack in their place of work to effectively increase communication. Being a superb communication tool, Slack is highly in demand and has transformed the way people at the workplace communicate. Rather than contacting every employee personally and fixing meetings, Slack enables users to put a common message out for everyone to read it. However, there is an option to separately message a person. Slack also offers the option to send documents, photos, videos and add additional comments. You can also leverage fun elements like emojis to add a fun factor during chats. There is an option to tag the person directly. 

Best Tools to Embed Slack Channels on Website

Taggbox Widget

Topping the list is Tabbox Widget, the best platform which works as a content aggregation tool and effectively collects, curates, and embeds the content on the website. Taggbox enables the users to seamlessly and easily embed Slack Channel on websites. Taggbox offers many customization features using which you can customize the widget as per the overall requirements of your website. You have the option to select from a variety of themes, layouts, colours, fonts, and other branding options.

Taggbox has integration with multiple website-building platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace and many more. Using the moderation panel of Taggbox, you can maintain top-quality content and leverage the profanity filter to remove any obscene or unwanted content from your widget. Keeping track of the performance of the widget is important. Taggbox enables the users to monitor the performance of the widget by giving insightful analytics. Leveraging this, you can keep track of the total impressions, number of clicks, number of users, conversion rates, and many other beneficial details.

tabbox widget


Like Taggbox, Tagembed is another content aggregation platform that effectively collects, curates, and embeds content on the website. Tagembed too offers various features like a customization panel to make the widget more attractive and appealing. Apart from this, Tagembed offers an advanced moderation panel to remove any unwanted content and maintain the content of utmost quality. Using Tagembed, you can leverage the analytics features to get an in-depth analysis of how the widget performs on the website. You can get an idea about the impressions, number of visitors, number of clicks, and other necessary details, etc.

Using Tagembed, you can integrate the slack channel on any website-building platform since Tagembed integrates various website building platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.

Social Wall

Primarily famous as a social media aggregation platform, Social wall integrates messages from Slack and embeds them on your website. You have an option to choose from various templates. Social wall enables users to monitor the performance of the widget. You can leverage the option to remove any unwanted content from the widget too. Social wall offers support to the users and gives proper guidance on setting up and embed slack channels on websites.

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Wrapping it Up

Using Slack is the most popular and effective method to gradually improve internal communication at the workplace. Moreover, embedding slack on the website motivates the employees to participate more in discussions, marketing strategies, and more. Additionally, it improves engagement in the organization and maintains transparency. 

Slack makes communication easier and more smooth as well as easy in an organization. The process to Embed Slack channels on websites is not difficult and can be done easily without any technical expertise. We have listed the best tools to easily embed a slack channel on websites in a few easy steps. Slack is undoubtedly one of the most effective mediums using which you can improvise and enhance your internal communication with the employees and other office staff members.

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