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Having a drop service business means you have to handle numerous things at once; you have to deal with the clients, get freelancers, maintain a social presence, and so much more.

A few fundamental things represent you to your clients, and strategically planning your drop servicing website is essential.

Good service means having a sound system of giving out all the necessary information about you. It is possible only by having a good website that includes the essential things. 

The overall look of a website is a vital thing; you need to make something that is productive and attractive at the same time.

You must have a presentable front page and all the essential options aligned and intact at the perfect places.

If you want to create a website for your drop service business but can not figure out what to include, here is your answer. 

  1. Your company’s name: You must put your brand’s name on the top; your web developer should place it in such an attractive font that visitors remember it. Your name is your identity, and if people know about it, you will get a good client network. While naming your website, go for a name that is unique yet easy to remember and recall. You can add a slogan or tagline according to your preference, though it is not mandatory. 
  1. Logo: Your logo is the imagery form of your name, and an attractive logo brings you people’s attention. Do not forget to place your logo on your website in a manner visible to people; yet again, people might forget they visited you, but they will remember a logo that caught their eye. Your logo also defines how creative you are, and the excellence of your name reflects in one go. 
  1. Details of services: Once you have settled and decided on your name and logo, the next step is to put all the necessary information on your website page. You need to have a whole page just for your services. Create catalogs or a list naming all the services available to you, and provide a brief detail about it. Make sure your descriptions are not very lengthy, and people can read them in one go. If you write whole long stories, people will be bored and probably skip all of it.
  1. Pictures: Pictures are the most attractive part of your website, the people who avoid reading the texts look through the pictures. While putting pictures up on your website, make sure they are relevant to your work. You can find images through various online tools, edit them and fix them in the perfect positions. You can add pictures with your service descriptions or where ever they are essential. Do not overfill your website with a lot of pictures; it is not a photo gallery. Use them wisely and only at pages where they are needed. 
  1. Blogs: If you want to bring more traffic to your website, you need to post blogs. A blog is first-person writing that makes people feel more connected to you. Getting content writers on board who can write about diverse and relevant topics is a must in this stance. Even if somebody does not get their work done from you, they will still be traffic to your website since they are searching for answers to their queries. 
  1. Articles: Just like blogs, articles are also a salient part of bringing traffic to your site. Articles revolve around facts and figures that means people will get solutions for your queries. You can also add a comment section under your articles and blogs, and people can ask questions and engage with you. for articles, you must do a proper keyword search and get things accordingly. 
  1. Testimonials: A client will always look for reviews on your site to get an insight into your work. Trusting a new service for a significant task is not a preferred thing by most companies. Add testimonials and reviews from your clients and help new people who are exploring you for their jobs. 
  1. Contact information: The most vital thing is to provide correct contact information to people visiting the site. Create a section for contacts, add your phone number, Email address, social media handles, and everything else you have. You can also put an option for signing up for a newsletter and improving your marketing. 

All of this might sound like a lot of hustle, but it is an easy task if you get into working on it.

These are just some basic things you must add to your drop servicing website to equip your clients with your functioning.

You have the liberty of designing the site in any way you want, but make sure you cover the basics. Start planning your website today, and get on the track of success.