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Different Types Of Abortion Procedures

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The need to terminate a pregnancy arises when the pregnancy is unwanted. This is when women start looking for the best method to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. Although there are several methods that are used for the process, it largely depends on the period of the pregnancy. If you are unsure about the duration of your pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a doctor before going ahead.

In this article you will find all the relevant information about abortion. Read it carefully for information on the different types of abortion procedures depending on the term of the pregnancy.

First Trimester Procedures

First trimester abortion options include surgical or medical procedures. The different procedures that can be adopted at this stage are as follows


This abortion procedure can be used only if the period of pregnancy is seven weeks or less. This medication provides a perfect combination that is effective in terminating the pregnancy.


This medication process is valid for those women who have a pregnancy period of nine weeks or less. This abortion pill is the most widely used all over the world and is considered to be the most effective way to get rid of unwanted pregnancy.

Manual vacuum aspiration

This procedure can be used between 3 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. This method is less invasive and the process is performed by applying local anesthesia to the cervix.

Second trimester procedures

During this period, medication-based procedures cannot be applied. The different methods of abortion used during this period are as follows

Dilatation and curettage

Women with a gestation period of up to sixteen weeks can undergo this surgical procedure. This process is also known as vacuum aspiration or suction curettage.

Dilation and Evacuation

This method of abortion is effective for those who are more than 16 weeks gestation. It is also a surgical process and must be performed by experienced physicians.

Third Trimester Procedures

Third trimester abortions are also called late-term abortions and are restricted in several states. They can only be performed in critical and complex situations. During this period the baby is fully developed and able to survive in the real world. Most abortion procedures performed at this stage conform to state rules and regulations. Doctors can only terminate the pregnancy if there are complications and it may pose a threat to the pregnant mother. If it is carried out illegally, harsh penalties are imposed, as it is considered a crime. The various abortion procedures performed during this period are as follows.

Induction abortion

This is a rarely practiced method of abortion that involves the injection of salt water, potassium chloride or urea into the uterus or amniotic sac. It relies on the insertion of prostaglandins into the vagina.

Dilatation and extraction

This process can be performed if the woman is 21 weeks pregnant. It is an effective way to abort the child in case of complications.

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