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Different Methods to Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Instagram Widget

Instagram can be considered one of the most popular social media platforms. Individuals use it to express themselves using the various visual-based media whereas, for businesses, it provides a great stage to meet new consumers and establish some brand recognition.

According to our study of the platform, we can say that the vibrancy and liveliness of Instagram often draws people’s attention and attracts them to the platform. Even businesses look to carry the same vibe on their website and hence they embed Instagram widget on website.

What is an Instagram Widget?

The Instagram widget helps users to display Instagram feeds on the website. In this age of digitalization, where brands are focused on enhancing their online presence, it becomes extremely vital to improving the website’s visuals because it helps to attract more audiences and helps in creating a positive impression on the visitors.

One might suggest that you can add images and videos on the website, this might look like an easy and needed solution, but it might backfire. Suppose you directly add pictures or videos to the website. In that case, it takes the storage and resources from your website building platform, which might hamper the speed of your website and eventually hinder your reputation in the market.

On the other hand, Instagram widgets stream the videos and images from the source and enhance your website’s visuals without affecting the website’s speed. Moreover, you can place these widgets anywhere on your website, hence adding more significance to your website.

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So now you must be eager to know where you can get these widgets and what are the methods to embed Instagram Widget on the website. Then here is the answer to your concerns.

Simple-Yet-Effective Techniques To Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Embedding the Instagram widget on the website is a great way to boost website traffic as it helps you increase the visuals of your website and makes it engaging. People would love to see an engaging website as it enhances their browsing experience. And we all know, as there will be more audience, there will be more chances of attaining sales and eventually reaching your business goals.

Here are some easy measures to embed the Instagram widget on the website. These measures are really simple, and even if you belong from a non-technical background or do not have any coding knowledge or skill, you can still imply them. These methods are :

  1. Using Social Media Aggregators
  2. Using WordPress Plugins
  3. Using Instagram Embedding Code

Using Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you collect social feeds from various social media platforms. They allow you to curate and customize them before displaying them on your website. Social media aggregators provide a dedicated Instagram widget for your website, you can embed these widgets into your website.

Social media aggregators also provide you with various features that add great significance to this tool. For example – you can use the customization feature to personalize the widget by changing the widget layout and themes, you can even change the font size, font style, and more of the feed to match it with the style of your website. All these measures help you to make your website more professional and add beauty to your website.

Also, you have the moderation feature where you can filter out all irrelevant and unwanted content from your website feed. You either opt to manually remove posts one by one or choose for automation, where the tool will itself remove posts containing the given keywords.

And as you are opting to use business websites for your businesses, you should be prepared to receive any type of traffic from any device. And hence it provides a responsive widget that adjusts itself according to the screen type. Custom CSS, custom CTA, and analytics are some of the major features of these tools.

Using WordPress Plugins

As businesses and people are making a huge shift in establishing their online presence, WordPress stands as the most popular CMS website-building platform. So, if you are using WordPress for your website, then you have an amazing way to get an Instagram widget and that is by using – Instagram feed WordPress plugins.

Various WordPress plugins are readily available on the WordPress plugin store that provides you with Instagram widgets to showcase Instagram posts on your website. Like social media aggregators, these plugins also provide you with various features that add great appeal and functionality to your website.

Using Instagram Embedding Code

Instagram too provides you with the facility to embed its posts on your website, for that all you have to do is – select the post that you want to showcase on the website, copy its embedding code and paste it into the backend of your website.

This is a simple process but has certain limitations like – you have to copy and paste the code every time you want to showcase any post on your website. Also, it does not provide you with the option to customize the feed as well.

Summing it Up

Instagram is a hub of vibrant, colorful, and lively content, and you can make maximum use of this content by displaying them on your website as they add grace to your website and also make it attractive. An attractive website often creates a good impression on the visitors, and a good impression can help you to win the customers.