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Consider Freelancing Seriously to Increase your Income from Self Employment

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Since working as a freelancer more than a year ago, I’ve collaborated with around a dozen high-growth companies and top-tier experts. Additionally, I’ve never had to bargain for the high prices I want in exchange for my Content And Internet Marketing Services. So, even if you’re a complete beginner, I’d like to provide tips on how to start freelancing and make money doing it.

Because I’ve effectively outlined my value propositions, established myself as an expert in my field, and exposed my freelance writing content to my new target audiences, I have a 3-6 month waiting list for new freelancing clients and jobs.

Additionally, you may earn money online just by clicking on your smartphone. This Amazing App Must Be Tried. But it most certainly didn’t happen overnight. I credit a LOT of clever placement, many long hours of work, and good timing for my swift ascent to popularity in freelancing. If you’re ready to take freelancing seriously and increase your self-employed income, here are my top five recommendations for your first year of freelancing.

Identify a Niche

If your goal is to start freelancing, you could be prepared to take ANY paid job on Fiverr or Upwork. However, as your freelancing company grows, you’ll need to exercise more caution when selecting the jobs and clients you work on. You may wonder how being selective about the freelancing work I accept might help me make MORE money.

When you specialize, you become an expert in that field, and experts may charge more for their specialized skills (there are expert and pro categories on Upwork and Fiverr too). I don’t even think it’s worth debating whether you should start working as a generalist or specialize while freelancing (opens in a new tab).

Suppose you were a potential client looking for someone to fix your email marketing so people actually sign up and create advertisements that compel people to purchase, develop advertisements that compel people to purchase, or simply update your outdated website. Would you prefer to hire a person who is a jack of all trades or an expert at doing one thing and doing it effectively? I’ll always trust the professional. My experience suggests that focusing on content marketing consulting rather than working as a general digital marketer for hire has been the most sensible decision I’ve ever made for my freelancing business. Being a lone worker, you must go thoroughly into your area. Your research should give you the ability to:

  • Potential clients
  • Evergreen or current content topics
  • Your goals for working as a freelancer
  • The working methods of the best manufacturers in your niche

Make a Website for your Professional Portfolio

One of the best ways to demonstrate your technical prowess is To Have a terrific Portfolio Site of your own(opens in a new tab). If you’re a new freelancer and want to be taken seriously, you need a website like this:

  • Shows off your expertise.
  • Calls attention to significant past events.
  • Makes your identity known.

Include your contact information so that potential clients may quickly locate you. An extraordinary portfolio might be helpful if you don’t have much job experience or references to support you. (See 11 High-Paying Jobs in Tech Without Experience for more details.)

Your portfolio should educate, arouse interest, and encourage potential clients to choose you for their technical needs. It is crucial to take the time to decide what to put in your portfolio and how it will be presented before you begin looking for new jobs.

Once your portfolio website is up, start including links to it in your email signature and social media profiles.

Develop your Skills

What is the main argument in favor of raising hourly rates? Make sure you have exceptional, in-demand skills. By developing the duties you intend to do for pay in the future, you may practice using your new skills. Whether you specialize in WordPress websites, mobile apps, or something entirely different like graphic design, copywriting, etc., the more you can differentiate yourself from the competition with intriguing side projects and samples that will attract customers, the better.


Additionally, keep in mind that, although highly experienced freelancers could make much more money for their work, getting on the train doesn’t need you to go back to school for a BS in computer science. You may put yourself on the right track and take charge of your education with the help of online courses, like a Front End Development course from Skillcrush.

Build a Website

To showcase their work, independent contractors must have websites. An online portfolio is the best way to let prospective clients understand your abilities

Owner of Rowan Made Breanna Rose advises, “If you’re constructing a website yourself and can’t afford to employ a designer, then consider looking at website templates so that you’re still putting out there something that’s brilliantly done.”

Pick Equipment that is within your Means

Freelancers rely heavily on software to do their tasks since remote working has become the norm. According to Upwork, 22% of the American workforce will be working remotely by 2025.

As a freelancer, you are in charge of acquiring all of your equipment. You must thus choose your instruments wisely to stay within your budget. If you’re starting and can’t afford to get the best software, make the most of what you already have.

For instance, WordPress is an excellent website host that is inexpensive. Depending on your line of work as a freelancer, you may use it for the first few months to a year before placing an order for a custom website.

Choose a Rate

Your long-term career and success depend on you following this freelance advice. Depending on your area of expertise, you might charge by the project or the hour. You may also spread payments across project milestones or deliverables.

A freelance writer, for instance, may do all of the while mentioned above, charging by the word. There are several methods to determine how much to charge clients. Here is a thorough guide that could be helpful.

Micromanagement is a severe issue with hourly wages. A flat fee is seldom preferred over an hourly rate. This gives consumers the chance to question the estimated number of hours or the size of the project.