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Choosing a Perfect Shower Cubicle Door & Rectangular Shower Trays in the UK

shower cubicle door

The shower cubicle door is an essential part of the shower enclosure. It is important for enclosing the shower area, providing the aesthetics and a formal entrance into the shower area. Without these, your enclosure installation will remain incomplete. It is among the most important accessories that you will need with an enclosure. Others may include a choice of square, quadrant, or rectangular shower trays. That is also vital to provide a sturdy surface to stand in the showering section. However, since there are several distinct varieties of shower cubicle doors available in the market, it is imperative to know them all. This understanding will aid to get the best out of your shower enclosure investment because you will be in a better postion to understand your needs as well as the different options available for your bathroom.

Here in this article, we have discussed all shower doors, trays, and things you need to contemplate before thinking about buying one.

Different Shower Cubicle Door Options

When we talk about shower cubicle door, there are at least three different options to choose from.

  1. Pivot doors. It works on two iron hinges that are at are fixed at the top and the bottom to facilitate the door moment. In most cases, this door opens outside. At the same time, the whole weight of it is these hinges. So, it is a common and simple design but requires some clearance space outside the door. That’s why you cannot install any other fixture in the close vicinity of it. So, unless your bathroom is bigger, it is not suitable for limited or small places.
  2. Sliding Doors. It is a simple door that slides to open. Generally, it has two frames, where one fits into another. It works on the small iron rollers that can slide into the frame to give them their movement. Another great thing about it is that these are compatible with rectangular shower trays. Due to its way of working, it does not require clearance space outside the enclosure.
  3. Bifold Doors. As clear from the name, these are kind foldable doors that may have two or three frames that fold on each other to create the opening of the enclosure. The folding and opening mechanism is controlled by the iron roller and wires that move along the door opening controlling its movement. It is also a kind of space-saving option and does not require clearance space.

Different Shower Tray Options

The shower trays are available in as many types of enclosure exist. Perhaps, if you go for a customized enclosure with an unusual shape, you can choose a similar shape in trays as well. Generally, the shower trays option includes

1-Quadrant Shower Tray. With the bending curvy front edge, this type of shower tray is trendy and goes well with all types of doors and similar shape enclosures. It makes your shower area look bigger

woman come outside form Shower Tray

2-Offset Quadrant. It is similar to a simple quadrant but with a bit more length. It is suitable if you have a bigger enclosure and want to adjust it accordingly.

3- Rectangular Shower Tray. As clear from the name, it is a rectangular shape tray where both side’s length and width are equal to each other. It is a popular type and goes perfectly with a similar shape enclosure. It is compatible with most door options.

Things To Consider for A Shower Cubicle Door and Rectangular Shower Tray

There are certain things to consider if you want to buy a shower cubicle door or rectangular shower tray. 

  1. The first thing that will influence your choice is the size of your shower area, whether it is a small space or bigger. What type of shower enclosure do you want in it? Is it an enclosure, or you want to give a shape to a shower bath? If it is big enough, then choose pivot door or otherwise make a choice between sliding or folding styles.
  2. It is very important that you order the correct size. Therefore, measure not only once but twice. Because if you buy the wrong size, it will not fit well, and you will have to waste money and time for replacing it. Therefore, take a measuring tape and measure it not once but twice or even thrice to be sure about it.
  3. Another important thing to consider is that chooses an appropriate thickness of glass for the shower cubicle door. Generally, a thickness of 4mm or 6mm is enough in most cases.
  4. Similarly, choose the shower tray in the size. The rectangular shower trays that are compatible in most cases are also available in different sizes.

Want to Buy a Perfect Shower Cubicle Door?

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