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Celebrity looks in kurta pyjamas

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The history of kurta pajama style can be traced back to Central Asia, but over time kurta pajamas became the identity of Indian men. With the increasing influence of modern fashion, stitches and cuts, kurtas online have evolved in its sense but the origins of straight pajamas and straight kurta have not changed. Styling for better movement and more comfort has gone slightly loose from tight pajamas, but the essence of the outfit hasn’t changed over the years.

Latest celebrity kurta pajama trends:

Kurta Pajamas with Jacket

The design of the kurta which is accompanied by a jacket is such a showstopper that when you wear it on any event, you can really become the talk of the event. Since the kurta and jacket set is quite attractive, the look has been balanced using simple kind of pajamas, and it will take the outfit to the top.

All White Straight Lucknow Kurta

It is always preferred by every celebrities and this is basic Lucknow straight kurta pajamas for men which are exactly what you need for a summer wedding or get together party. The costume speaks for itself with its traditional and fashionable volumes. A black sunglass is all you need to complement the look.

Asymmetrical Kurta

Asymmetrical men’s kurtas online and straight pajamas are what Indian male celebrities are seen wearing these days. It is the proper example of stunning modern touch of the traditional kurta pajama style. While it keeps the real essence of straight kurta and straight pajamas alive, it also gives it a whole new look.

Simple yet Savage Attire

In general, plain kurta-pajamas are something that almost every man has in his wardrobe. It is the perfect ethnic attire for any festival, be it Holi, Diwali, or any wedding occasion. Straight pajamas and straight kurta is the original kurta pajama style which revolves around all the modern kurta pajama styles.

Silk Kurta

As summer weddings are also around the corner, nothing better than a silk straight kurta with a desi yet chic jacket, and voila, you guys are ready for a summer wedding.

Round Edge Mid-length Kurta Pajamas

This comfortable, simple, fashionable yet chic kurta pajama style can be worn on any occasion. This costume is super stylish with its mid length. It comprises of a Pathani touch in the kurta style.

Black and White Kurta Pajamas

Nothing can go wrong with plain white men’s kurtas online or black kurta-pajamas. The asymmetrical jacket attached to the self-print black or white kurta is giving us some big fashion goals. However, this is a very bold look and it may not be something that everyone can carry.

Long Kurta Pajamas

A long light-hued straight kurta pajama with a little white embroidery on the neck, and it’ll completely shake down the sophisticated yet colorful summer outfit look. Any Indian man can now easily opt for a long kurta pajama outfit. So, don’t stay away from light or brightly colored kurta, obviously, it’s a new thing now.

Kurta Pajamas with Printed Waistcoat

It is a basic style and always loved by celebrities. In the early days, the printed waistcoat was loose and straight compared to these days whereas now, the waistcoat was stiff and fitted.

Short Length Kurta Pajamas

Short-length kurta pajamas, sometimes a waistcoat, have always been the thing of male celebrities in Bollywood. They have been seen often everywhere wearing short kurtas and straight pajamas for movie promotions, wedding occasions, or any other festivals. It gives the true essence of an ethnic Indian look.

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The kurta pajama combination is a must-have outfit for every Indian men on any occasion. Hence, it’s the time you grab some of these pieces to look handsome. Start dressing with the latest kurta pajama style with some creative combinations.