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Can Fear of Public Speaking Hold Back your Career?

Can Fear of Public Speaking Hold Back Your Career?

The fear of public speaking is common in most of people but there is nothing to be ashamed of anything. Also, remember that you are not the only one who has the same problem but if you allow your fear of public speaking to control your actions then it can damage your career.

Here are some points to explain how fear of public speaking can hold back your career.

Be Gentle with Yourself

There are indeed many people who have fear of speaking in front of a large crowd or public gathering and it is a very natural thing to feel anxious while giving any type of presentation. If you are embarrassed and feel anxious while speaking it will directly affect your speech delivery and will reduce the impact of your speech on the audience.

Be Yourself

Lots of speakers feel nervous when are not able to deliver their speech according to the audience expectation. Do not try to overdo your speech or else the audience who are taking interest in your speech will get confused and they will lose their interest at the same time.

Be yourself and try to deliver in such a way that your audience can link with you easily.

Don’t Focus on Being Perfect

“Honestly, if everyone likes what you say something is wrong with your message.” ― said, Ashley Ormon.

No other person will expect you to be perfect, this is you who wants perfection. Most of your audience will not even notice that you took any pause during your speech, nobody will know that you accidentally switched some main points, and also most of the time they will care how good you are.

business man taking to his employee

Sometimes attempting for perfection is pointless and being obsessed with thinking that you will do any mistake or not, will not take your anywhere. Just be yourself and deliver your speech with full confidence.


When you deliver any speech, your audience is not there to learn many new facts and figures, all they want is to get inspired. If you are afraid and anxious in front of a larger crowd then your speech will not put a positive impact on your audience. Try to provide effective speech so that you can motivate and inspire your audience and that’s the only thing your audience will remember at the end of the day.


The nervousness comes when you are unprepared and it can put a bad impact on your speech. The best way to overcome this problem is to spend some time developing your speech, add those points that your audience can relate with, and rehearse as many times as you can before your main performance to give effective speech delivery.

Get the Audience Involved

Well, while delivering your speech you can include your audience also so that it becomes a more interactive session. Try to ask them questions so that they feel connected, the more your speech becomes a conversation, the more you will be able to engage your audience and the easier it will become for you to deliver an effective speech.

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