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Box Printing for Apparel Packaging – Dos and Don’ts

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Are you weighing in using box printing for your apparel items? Are you confused as to what would make the most alluring box features? Putting an end to these confusions, we have compiled some effective tips for you.

Why Branded Boxes Matter for Apparel Markets?

When operating, producing, and distributing apparel products, it becomes viable to print the boxes with relevant and impactful branding.

Because without informative brand details, the boxes can become a single-dimensional tool that customers don’t consider for purchases. Customers time and over, have hinted at the packaging’s significance in diverting their focus. But the real deal is to imbibe the apparel boxes with engaging content.

Dealing in the fashion segment is even tricky. Brands like Dior have overcome several hurdles with their universally appealing boxes to conquer global customer interest. Observing these and the below dos and don’ts of using printing on the boxes is bound to leave you amazed and equipped with presenting your brand in the best way!

Create Brand Differentiation

Higher competition levels call for brand recognition more than ever. Customers must be able to spot your apparel items from a distance. It can only happen when the boxes support your true branding values.

Dos: what you need is to first define your branding features that customers would value and need to know. These include the logo and title printed innovatively. You must use offbeat box formats, fonts, and a matching box design that says it all without the need for extra sales staff doing the task.

Holding onto your brand image is key to aligning the boxes with them. Apparel markets are fashion-forward. Thus, the boxes should be made with fair and stylish graphics and designs that set them apart from the word go.

Don’ts: while it is a good idea to know what the current industry trends are, your brand identity must be distinct to leave a mark. Don’t use bigger font sizes to print the brand name and logo. It takes up a lot of space and may leave little scope for other important content. The brand logo should be consistent with branding and so must the designs used on the boxes.

Harvest Better Customer Interaction

The boxes can be your biggest communication tool. Right? Many apparel brands use them to divert attention to numerous brand facets. Marketing materials, product lines, and other essential events can be conveyed using printing wisely. When customers see scope for establishing a better link with the brand, they instantly use the platform and give positive feedback.

Dos: Well, like they say that no publicity is bad publicity, likewise, no amount of contact info can go wrong! Apparel brands usually put on the company’s social media address, website ID, and customer contact numbers. Your brand becomes reachable for customers and they trust it to deliver as promised. Ensure that the contact details are clearly placed at the back of the boxes and persuade customers to visit your web portals to cross-sell.

Don’t: Sometimes brands do not specify how the buyers can get in touch during replacements and refunds. This causes confusion and can put off further orders from the customers. The contact info should not be ambiguous and must not be placed at box corners that customers can ignore.

Generate Repeat Purchases

How can custom printing help to persuade buyers to keep coming back? Obviously, when buyers see your apparel brand image on the boxes, they naturally feel convinced of the brand production values. Repeat purchases are what form a bigger proportion of total sales revenues. Hence, the printing must be aimed to achieve this.

Dos: Ask customers for feedback, this way they’ll visit your website links and find out about other products on offer. You can also print in upcoming sales details and new product launches to keep their interest in your brand intact. One more effective tip is to ensure that the products reach customers safely. You can print on handling instructions to avoid the products getting torn or wet.

Don’t: It is often seen that apparel brands design their boxes pleasingly but fail to include necessary info. Customers want a complete package and dislike brands that do not care for customer feedback and retention.

Give a Worthy Shopping Effect

This is the feeling that customers get when they purchase apparel items. The idea is to get to core customer preferences and acknowledge their tastes so they vouch for your brand.

The numerous unboxing reviews on social media platforms and YouTube has made it compulsory to give buyers a good shopping experience otherwise, they can switch to alternatives.

Dos: Retain customers by adding personal notes on the inside of the boxes. Giving a layered unboxing feel works to grab attention and convey that your brand cares for the customers. You can also identify your customer demographic and design the apparel boxes likewise.

Don’t: Avoid using the same designs, fonts, and messages on every product box type. Your brand could be selling more than one kind of apparel and so the boxes must be individually designed to go with the products. Also, don’t overlook the fact that customers within different demographics have varied tastes and expectations.

What Happens Next?

By now, you must be aware of the many possibilities available with custom printing. Once you determine the basics the next step is to put all of these to practical use. There are professional box manufacturers out there that can help you out with sorting apparel packaging.

The only thing you must be attentive to is scrutinizing the final box draft. Ensure that the boxes look like an extension of your brand with the right printed info. Complying with all these is sure to give you unmatched apparel packaging.

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Customized box printing has vast uses for apparel brands. Using the above guidelines will improve your brand repute and push for stronger customer loyalty. All these without missing on effective apparel deliveries!