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Best Nose Pin Styles for Teenagers

Best Nose Pin Styles for Teenagers

Nose pins are considered a staple in most women’s jewellery collections. It is one of those accessories that draw instant attention from people around and has the capacity to either make or break a look. While the market has various nose pins, not every style is ideal for teenagers.

Nose Pin Styles for Teenagers

Some nose pins look stunning on adults, but they may not have the same effect on a teenager’s face due to their facial features. If you’re a teenager who loves using nose pins to highlight her personality, we’ve good news for you.

After conducting thorough market research and talking to various style experts, we’ve listed down a curated list of some of the best nose pin styles ideal for teenagers. While you can always own a precious diamond nose pin, you need something different for everyday wear. For diamond nose pins, you can click here to get the latest designs, and for everyday wear, check out the list shared below.

Captive Bead 

If you love wearing simple yet classic nose rings that are easy to wear and clean, you have to get a captive bead nose ring for yourself. This nose ring is circular in shape and can be rotated a 360-degree for proper placement. It has a small ball placed using the nose ring’s tension, giving the ring a sleek and eye-catchy look. Teenagers that love wearing nose rings should definitely get a captive bead ring for daily wear.

Fake Nose Rings

Hate getting your nose pierced? Don’t worry, as you can still wear a nose ring without getting a nose piercing. Fake nose rings resemble hoop nose rings and are super flexible. As fake nose rings can be fitted tightly onto your nose, you don’t have to worry about these rings falling at unexpected times. They look as real as original nose rings and are available in a range of designs. Wearing these can be fun, so make sure you get these for yourself.

Labret Nose Rings

Teenagers who like experimenting with their looks should try wearing labret nose rings. Unlike other nose ring options, a labret nose ring is not common, and you will rarely come across people wearing these. And this is what makes it unique and exciting to wear.

Such rings consist of a removable ball or gemstone on one end and a stud with a flat disk on the other. You can use an insertion pin to easily wear this nose ring without any hassle.

Nose Studs

If you’re a minimalist who always likes to keep things simple yet classic, a traditional nose stud will work wonders. Most studs are made using gold or silver metal and have a sparkling gemstone at the heart of the design. If you want diamond nose pins, you may visit this page; else, you can search for nose studs having other precious gemstones. You can find nose studs with a small, medium, or large gemstone, so choose the size that best compliments your facial features.


Finding the best jewellery pieces can be difficult for teenagers, but not anymore. If you want to wear nose rings that create an impact, choose any nose ring type discussed above.