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Best Demat Account in India

Demat Account

One must be careful while selecting the Demat account, as many options are available in the finance sector. A Demat trading account requires keeping in shares and other securities digitally. All trading investments, including shares, ETFs, mutual funds, etc., are securely placed in the DEMAT account. We are here to assist you with the best Demat accounts available in India because we know very well how difficult and time-consuming to find the proper Demat account.

The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is a financial authority that started offering Demat Account facilities in 1996. However, it has issued an order declaring that all traders who want to invest in shares must require a Demat Account.

ICICI Direct Demat Account

ICICI Direct Demat Account is a digital platform enabling domestic and international investing. It was introduced in 1995 and offered 3-in-1 accounts. Equities, mutual funds, fractional shares, and many more options are available for trading.

Top Features:

  • Allows you to trade in various commodities, IPOs, currencies, mutual funds, stocks, and more.
  • ICICI’s official website is lightweight, even open with less-than-optimal internet connections.
  • Obtain market analysis and research papers.
  • Resource for learning.
  • Enables UI customization based on your demands
  • Invest in a small number of global market shares.
  • Consider opening a 3-in-1 account for trading, banking, and a demat account.
  • Detailed insights and recommendations supported by research
  • Multiple trading strategies to serve your demands

ICICI Demat Account Pros and Cons


  • Fractional shareholding.
  • Users can follow up to 50 stocks with a detailed watchlist.
  • There is no minimum necessary balance.
  • Buy international stocks
  • Analytics and charts for more effective market research
  • supports the establishment of paperless accounts


  • It has yearly maintenance fees of Rs. 400.
  • High Brokerage fees for small investors.

Other Information

Account Opening Charges: ICICI Direct Demat account is free to open.

Annual Maintenance Charges: Rs. 300/year

Portfolio Management Services: Yes, they offer portfolio management services

Zerodha Demat Account

With over 5 million customers, Zerodha is considered the best Demat account in India. It provides you with a trading and Demat account, market data, and comprehensive charts to assist you in making decisions.

Key Features:

  • It is a 3-in-1 Demat account linked to an IDFC First bank account.
  • It gives support in multiple languages.
  • The vast trading charts on Zerodha have more than 100 indicators.
  • The trading account includes comprehensive Portfolio, Tax, and Profit/Loss statistics.
  • Data from market research and analytical charts to assist you in trading.
  • The Zerodha Varsity smartphone app assists in trading education.
  • Using the Coin by Zerodha app, you may immediately trade mutual funds.

Zerodha Pros & Cons


  • Provides newbies with helpful market education and Q&A
  • Fastest, most trustworthy, most simple to use Trading and Demat accounts
  • Simple online money transfers, including support for UPI transactions at no additional cost
  • No yearly maintenance fees
  • Superior instruments for market research.
  • Cost Effective prices
  • Education app


  • Account opening fees are Rs. 200.
  • Lengthy procedure for establishing a new account

Other Information:

Account Opening Charges: Rs. 200

Annual Maintenance Charges: Rs. 300/year

Portfolio Management Services: It doesn’t offer portfolio management services.

Groww Demat Account

Groww offers free services, making it the perfect Demat account for beginners. It is easy to create an account with them online without using paper. Their brokerage fees are also relatively minimal, making them the ideal Demat account in India for those on a strict budget.

business man making reports of accounts

Key Features:

  • Offers data and analysis for equities, mutual funds, and other assets, as well as a built-in mutual fund calculator.
  • Robust API with other programs and services
  • One-click orders placements
  • Online news, information, and articles that are appropriate to you.

Groww Pros & Cons


  • Creating a paperless account with no annual fees
  • SIP purchases with no commission
  • Permits investment in international markets, such as the US Stock Market
  • Simple, clean, and easy-to-use UI


  • No assistance for investments in IPOs

Other Information

Account Opening Charges: No Charges Applicable

Annual Maintenance Charges: No Charges Applicable

Portfolio Management Services: No


Demat accounts have made investing easier, including saving time, gaining efficiency, access to educational resources, and many more. We have examined India’s top three demat accounts, but there are undoubtedly many more. When researching which demat account is ideal for you, keep the following factors in mind: fees, instructional resources, charts, analytical tools, recommendations, and customer support.