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Benefits of Prescriptions According to Practice Fusion EMR Reviews

Practice Fusion EHR

There are a lot of myths out there about prescribing controlled substances. While the use of such medication is controlled by the government, it can be allowed for the wellbeing of a patient. However, there are rules in place that make sure their use is carried out safely.

When you read through Practice Fusion EMR reviews, the prescription features often gain praise. In this article, we will be exploring how the software supports prescription. At the same time, we will be dispelling confusion around the prescription of controlled substances. 

About Practice Fusion EMR

Practice Fusion was created in 2005 by AllScripts. It is known as a remotely accessible cloud-based company. The software operates electronically, helping you get rid of traditional patient files. The software has also cooperated with billing software so it can integrate billing into its suite of features. 

The features in the EMR are completely integrated. They include appointment scheduling, patient charting, online prescriptions, and a patient portal. This allows doctors to support communication through various platforms. 

The learning center in Practice Fusion is built to improve access to the newest developments in healthcare. Ultimately, the software can work with various specialty areas, and also includes a tablet application. 

Practice Fusion EMR demo

You can request a Practice Fusion EMR demo at any time. This feature will allow you to see the software in action in the form of a virtual tour of sorts. You can then ask an expert any questions you have about Practice Fusion.

Practice Fusion EMR Cost

Practice Fusion used to be freely available to practices. However, as the software has grown and incorporated new features, it is now priced at a subscription. The Practice Fusion EMR cost comes up to $99 a month for each user. There is also a free trial available. 

Practice Fusion EMR Reviews

Practice Fusion has built a reputation of trust as indicated by Practice Fusion EMR reviews. It has an overall positive rating, and reviews say it helps small practices enhance their work. According to some of the reviews, it is easy to use and quick to learn.

A number of Practice Fusion EMR reviews point out that it is an excellent tool for healthcare providers. Some of the notable features include a patient portal and the ability to schedule appointments online. 

The Conundrum Around Prescribing Controlled Substances

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around the prescription of controlled substances. This makes sense – there are plenty of regulatory frameworks to work around so you and your patients remain safe. However, sometimes prescribing a controlled substance is necessary for your patient’s wellbeing. 

The question that comes up is, how do you go about prescribing controlled medication without risks?

What Is A Controlled Substance?

The first place to start is by understanding exactly what a controlled substance is. The next thing is to understand what regulations are in place and why. It is by understanding these terminologies and rules that doctors can prescribe controlled medication safely. 

Some medications are controlled by government regulations. This is enforced in the States at least by the Drug Enforcement Administration, the DEA. This is the body that makes sure that the manufacturing, distribution, and use of these medications are regulated. They follow the schedules and criteria outlined in the Controlled Substances Act to carry out their work. 

Prescribing Controlled Substances – Is It Illegal?

While it was initially illegal to fill out e-prescriptions that prescribed controlled substances, this has changed. Since 2010, it is legal to do so using online prescribing tools. This has posed an interesting challenge for e-prescribing software. There has been a gap in the system, which needs to be addressed so that it is compliant with regulations by the DEA.

Software like Practice Fusion is eager to work with the DEA and update its system so it can comply with regulations. As such, working with the software will give you an edge to quickly use the new updates as soon as they are rolled out. 

Practice Fusion facilitates prescription in a way that makes it safer for everyone, including the practitioner. The software automatically checks for interactions and allergies and mitigates risks. Using the tools from practice Fusion EMR can make a crucial difference in how substances are prescribed at your practice. 

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 

A Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is a database of sorts that monitor controlled substances that are being prescribed. With the use of such a program, you can check the database for prescription records for each patient.

This is useful because, when pharmacists fill out the prescription for a controlled substance, they have to add it to the database. This allows complete information to always be available for practitioners. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for patients to get multiple prescriptions filled out at once for controlled substances. 

It is important to remember that a PDMP is a state-run body. There may be some differences between the body in each state, but most operate in somewhat the same way. 

How Do PDMPs Benefit Physicians?

The role that PDMPs play in the intervention to control prescriptions of opioids is immense. They allow practices to be informed of risks and make sure patients are kept safe as well. 

Additionally, the information gathered allows for the studying of trends that can inform future regulations. With greater access to information about how the medication is prescribed, there can be greater changes made. 


Ultimately, there are a number of prescription supporting tools in Practice Fusion. The Practice Fusion EMR reviews actually point out the benefits of this software. Whether you are looking to prescribe controlled substances or not, it will encourage toy to make safer decisions.

We cannot make a recommendation for you, but you can read through more reviews to know if it is the right software for you.