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Benefits of Listening to Music on Our Health

Benefits of Listening to Music on Our Health

Listening to music reduces anxiety levels. It does not matter whether the music is classical or not, as long as it is familiar to the listener. Studies have shown that music lowers cortisol levels, the stress hormone. Listening to music that you love can make you happier and help you sleep better.

Music Makes you Happier

When we listen to music, our brains process it in several ways. Various parts of the brain decode sound waves, identifying their pitch, timbre, emotion, and rhythm. This allows us to enjoy music better and remember the details better. It has also been found that music helps us develop closer friendships and reduces our stress levels.

Music affects nearly every aspect of our lives. It can also help us raise awareness of causes and reach a larger audience. For instance, during the recent Haiti earthquake, a song by K’naan became an anthem for the people of Haiti, raising more than $1 million for the victims. Music not only uplifts individual moods, but also binds communities together.

Music Enhances Running Performance

Music enhances running performance by decreasing blood lactate levels, a key factor for enhancing physical performance. The study also showed that listeners’ TDC and running speed increased when they listened to their preferred music. However, the authors note that the effects of music on pacing strategy are not well understood. Additional research is needed to explore this question further.

Music enhances running performance in different ways, and the effects vary according to the type of music. In one study, runners who listened to music during a 1.5-mile run had significantly higher levels of perceived exertion, and less fatigue and exhaustion. These runners also ran faster than those who were not listening to music, which may indicate that the music enhances performance.

Music Lowers Stress and Improves Health

Music has the ability to improve our health and lower stress. It can help us wake up in the morning and set the mood for a less stressful day. Instrumental music and classical music have a calming effect that helps us focus and feel calm. Upbeat music can also relieve tension in a car and help us feel more energetic and relaxed. Music can also make the commute more bearable, helping us deal with the anxiety caused by traffic jams.


Studies have shown that listening to music reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Research by neuroscientists in the United Kingdom found that participants’ cortisol levels were reduced by as much as 65 percent when listening to music. Researchers also found that “Weightless” by the Macaroni Union increased the relaxing effects of a massage by 73%. Although the study involved people in a massage session, Dr Lewis recommends that you do not drive while listening to music.

Music Helps you Sleep Better

Music affects sleep by stimulating a series of steps in the brain. Music affects the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps the body prepare for sleep and relax. Studies have shown that listening to music helps with both acute and chronic sleep disorders. In particular, music has been found to reduce cortisol levels in the body, which may be a contributing factor to restless nights. Moreover, it has also been proven to relax the body by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

The study revealed that 62% of survey respondents reported that music helped them sleep. However, the majority of respondents were younger, and the majority reported higher stress levels and poorer sleep than non-users. Music users also reported lower efficiency in sleep. The data were analyzed using a multiple regression model with PSQI score as predictor.

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