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Balinese Culinary Delights that you must Try

Balinese Culinary Delights

It feels like something is missing when you visit Tanah Lot Bali without trying its signature dishes. Bali has a variety of culinary delights that you can enjoy. Balinese cuisine is one of the favorites of foreign tourists. To buy it, you need Indonesian Bali currency.

Bali has a wide variety of culinary delights, from big meals to desserts. The use of spices that are rich in spices is the hallmark of the taste. So naturally, Balinese food became favorite of tourists from various countries.

Most Popular Traditional Balinese Dishes

Most traditional Balinese dishes are influenced by Asian countries such as India, China and the Middle East. The main ingredients are coconut oil, shallots, garlic, and chilies. Here are some of the traditional cuisines that you can enjoy while on vacation in Bali.

Betutu Chicken

Ayam Betutu or Betutu chicken has been a Balinese culinary icon from the past until now. Every corner of this island must have a food stall that provides Betutu chicken. There are two menu options offered: wet Betutu and dry Betutu.

The distinctive taste is obtained from the Betutu seasoning, which is rich in spices. The herb is made from a mixture of lemon grass, salam, ginger, candlenut, lime leaves, shallots and other spices. When it’s finished, the seasoning is then put into the chicken’s body to absorb the taste.

Sate Lilit

Almost every region in Indonesia has a satay (sate) menu as one of its culinary delights. Likewise with Bali which is famous for its Sate Lilit. Unlike satay in other regions, this satay is made by wrapping the meat around a large lemon grass stalk and then grilling it.

Sate Lilit has a unique taste and texture because it is made from chicken meat or fish. For the compliment, chili sauce is provided, made using the Indonesian sauce recipe. This satay is suitable for eating as a companion to Balinese mixed rice.

Balinese Mixed Rice

This dish, also known as Nasi Campur, often served with Sate Lilit, is a mandatory Indonesian cuisine tourist must try when visiting Bali. Balinese mixed rice consists of white rice, shredded chicken with spices, chicken lawar, and vegetables. In addition, two types of Balinese special chili sauces are usually provided as a complement, sambal (chili) matah and sambal embe. 

Balinese Food


Lawar is a Balinese food made from thin sliced ​​vegetables. The vegetables used include long beans, grated coconut, and jackfruit. The vegetable pieces are mixed with traditional spices and complemented by choice of chicken or pork.

Bali is indeed famous for its beach attractions, but it also has a variety of unique culinary delights that can be enjoyed. The use of spices gives many Balinese dishes an authentic taste.