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Athenahealth EMR – Frequently Asked Questions

athenahealth EMR

A lot of users and practices interested in athenahealth EMR have questions about how the software works, so we’re here to answer some of the common questions people have! Read through the article to get all the information you need about this leader in EHR solutions!

About Athenahealth EMR

As a creator of practice management, applications, and electronic medical record management software, athenahealth provides solutions that are available to all kinds of practices, whether medium-scale clinics or large scale hospital settings.

athenahealth offers clients various products in a complete suite that can handle revenue cycle management, patient engagement, network support, and medical records remotely through a cloud-based solution. The software is used by more than 100,000 providers across the globe and offers a competitive ambulatory care service as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Features make Athenahealth Stand Out?

This question is an excellent way to gauge whether athenahealth is the right EMR solution for you. Here are some of the top features of the software.

Dynamic Patient Portal

A top-rated feature that the suite of athenahealth software solutions is the fact that practices get to set up a dynamic patient portal for patients to use to derive information. One of the benefits of using this portal is that it helps to set up a stronger relationship between patients and their doctors.

With this portal, patients can view their treatment plans and medication lists, and enter information regarding their medical history so doctors can provide better care.

Easy Documentation

One of the most tedious tasks as a doctor is the fact that documenting patient visits can take a lot of time and work. Manual work can be difficult for doctors, which is why athenahealth steps in to make the whole process easy to document.

Not only does athenahealth help you add information remotely and using synced devices, you can also process hard copies of documents that can be uploaded to the patient documentation chart.

Integrate and Manage Billing

The presence of billing tools ensures the success of just about any medical practice. While managing billing can be tough and nuanced, but with athenahealth EMR you can automate the entire process and improve on your workflow efficiency.

medical record save in pc

The modern solution will help shift billing to the digital sphere. And make sure that the processing of your financial terms is smoothened out for your clinic. The whole process is remote and electronically checked to ensure you don’t have any errors.

What Kind of Specialty Clinics does Athenahealth Work with?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an independent practice or an enterprise, athenahealth can work with your practice. In the time athenahealth has been available, it has worked with more than a hundred various specialty practices.

Practices that have worked with athenahealth work across the board in different specialty care settings. And the software is flexible enough to support clinics in areas such as health centers qualified by the government, labs, imagining centers, obstetrics, gastroenterology, primary care, and small new businesses.

What Price is Athenahealth EMR Available at?

Although different pricing options are available for different kinds of providers. You can start an athenahealth plan at the cost of $140 a month for each user of the software.

Is there a Free Version of Athenahealth?

Unfortunately, a free version of athenahealth is not available for practices. However, you can request a demo to see how the application performs in real-time.

How do Reviewers Feel About Athenahealth?

Reviewers believe that the athenahealth software is easy to navigate and use. And the billing system has been instrumental to take down the errors they were experiencing in their existing financial management. The interface is considered a top-tier feature. And reviewers seem to enjoy the fact that the features are flexible enough to work with just about any clinic.

On the flip side, some reviewers stated that if you are working with elderly people, the automated system may be difficult to explain. For some of the practices, there were slight lags and downtimes. Finally, some mentioned that the process of setting up was difficult. But, the work was worth it when they enjoyed the software’s features.

Does Athenahealth EMR Offer Resources for COVID-19?

Yes! Since the beginning of the pandemic, athenahealth has been offering its partner practices with resources. That can be used on the frontline to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Since athenahealth is remotely accessible, it has become a powerful tool for practices in these troubling times. The team has been working hard to improve services. And cater to the needs of practices fighting COVID-19 on a daily basis.


If you have more questions, you can read through more details of athenahealth EMR. And what it has to offer, in order to make a decision about whether it’s the right software for you.