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Arrange your Gala or Annual Dinners in Dubai


A gala dinner is a large gathering having dinner in buffet style. Such dinners are an opportunity to sit together and enjoy. It can be a family event or a graduation ceremony. A gala dinner can be a source of appreciation for the workers in the form of an award ceremony in the corporate sector. Mostly such dinners are organized by companies where there can be a speech by the CEO and a celebration of success. Dubai is a busy place where people work day and night. Such gala or annual dinners are a source of enjoyment for all.

Some Tips to Arrange Gala Dinner

As this is a unique event so it should give a special feel to everyone. It should be well-planned. Following are some essential tips for arranging a gala dinner.

Set Clear Goals

The important tip for arranging the gala dinner is to set a clear goal. Everything without a purpose is of no use. Whether a graduation ceremony or corporate event, a gala dinner has some behind goals. It can be to motivate the university students or the clients and workers of the company. If the purposes are properly cleared, it will become easy to plan further. After that, make a guest list so that venue selection will become easy.

Find an Appropriate Venue

The event’s location is one of the critical factors in the event’s success. In Dubai, there are many beautiful places like the Jumeirah Beach hotel, the address hotel, and the Dubai marina, where we can enjoy the celebrations.

The Address Hotel

The address hotel is one of the tall buildings in Dubai. A luxurious hotel is a perfect choice for the gala dinner. Present nine different cuisines to the guests to entertain them. Guests can enjoy the beauty of Dubai and overlook the Dubai mall from the hotel. The versatile meeting rooms attract guests and make the event memorable. Guests can enjoy the amenities, and children can have fun in the Qix club. The staff is highly professional in managing such meetings.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

A 5-star luxury beach resort where the gala dinner can be arranged is Jumeirah Beach hotel. There is French and British restaurant that offers delicious buffet to the guests. The staff members make all the respective arrangements for the host. Furthermore, the beautiful beachfront can give an everlasting memory to the guests. The gala dinner in the beautiful resort will allow the guests to visit the hotel and get amazed by its beautiful interior and design.

Dubai Marina

Dubai marina, an artificial canal city, is also a famous attraction for such gala dinners. Yacht rental Dubai marina gives a different and unique experience of amusement. Many yachts like a desert rose yacht, Mona Lisa yacht, lotus mega yacht, and Gugu boat for arranging such significant events. Apart from the old way of holding gala dinners in the restaurant, go for yachts. They have a substantial accommodating space, such as the lotus mega yacht has accommodation of 500 guests. Moreover, it has three large decks where many guests can easily enjoy the event. Its beautiful interior and shape suit any occasion which has to be successful.

dubai marina

Whereas desert rose, the yacht can accommodate 250 guests. Its size is 155 ft and has a large sun deck where guests can enjoy the sunset. Mona Lisa yacht is 105 ft and can accommodate 200 guests. Furthermore, it has an impressive style and shape, which add to its glamorous appeal. Yachts not only allow the guests to enjoy the event, but it is a source of enjoyment as well. The crew members serve welcome drinks to the guests and then make sure to provide comfort. There is no match between the yacht with any other venue.

For Book yacht:

Make Arrangements Regarding the Type of Event

Decorating the venue is necessary to make it attractive to the guests. The yacht’s interior is beautiful, and customized decoration adds to the beauty. The food menu comes on the checklist. Plan a mouth-watering menu that the guests love to munch. Furthermore, the food should be from a wide range of food courses. The crew members provide fresh and delicious food to the guests and make all the other arrangements. Moreover, you can add a red carpet to give the royal feel onboard.

Plan Some Entertainment Activities

When planning for gala dinners, don’t forget to add some activities that keep the guests active. The activities will give a refreshing vibe to the guests. After short intervals, while the event flows, you can ask some questions or present a skit. Live music or a DJ can also add to the joy. Music makes the guests energetic, and thus they can give more good feedback to you. Let the guests enjoy their own after the event and capture beautiful pictures of the beauty of their respective venues.