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Alex Hormozi Net Worth

If you are looking to make money from your hobby or passion, Alex is your inspiration. He has made millions every year from fitness and health, which he initially took up as a hobby. Alex Hormozi is the C.E.O. of three successful companies and has authored two books. Alex’s knowledge of acquisition and monetization enables him to make the best out of what he does.

Now that you must be wondering about Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth in 2022, we won’t keep you waiting. Keep reading to know everything about Alex’s life, including his family, career, companies, and net worth.

Alex Hormozi’s Early Life

Alex was born on August 18, 1992, in Texas, United States. He has been sporty since school and played three games during his school days. He was also the vice president of the school newspaper and editor in chief of the creative magazine.

Later, he went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville and obtained his bachelor’s degree in corporate strategy in three years. He initially wanted to make a career in investment banking. However, he settled on defense contracting and consultation for the American military. He did not continue it for long and took an interest in M.B.A. Alex took the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and scored much higher than the average marks. It gave him the advantage of selecting a school of his choice.

Hormozi has always been studious and did not let go of any opportunity. He always wanted to be wealthy and made his way to success. While he did not know how to earn money at a young age, he adopted his passion as his profession.

Alex and Leila met in the early days of Gym Launch, and she helped him with the business. They dated for 13 months and got married in 2017.

Alex Hormozi’s Career

Alex started his career by launching his first gym in Los Angeles. He wanted to open a frozen yogurt store, but the lack of capital made him think of something else. He decided to follow his passion for fitness and launch a gym soon.

Alex offered his services free to over 40 gyms to learn the intricacies of the gym business. One of the gyms took him in, and he started understanding the gyming business.

He moved to Los Angeles after selling his condo in Baltimore. Alex learned more about operating a gym and opened his first gym in 2013. He had $60,000 savings and spent $50,000 on his first gym. He also slept at his gym to reduce costs.

Alex Hormozi met his wife, Leila, and they worked together utilizing their skills. Instead of working on their gym, they moved to give franchises to other people for a fee. Alex and Leila launched Gym Launch in 2016. This model did not work out, and they had to change the whole idea of the business. They started helping other businesses earn better profits.

They started the Prestige Labs supplements company in 2019. Another venture, Done For Your Meals (D.F.Y.M.), took birth under Prestige Labs, followed by a SaaS business model A.L.A.N. D.F.Y.M. produces pre-packaged FDA-approved meals. On the other hand, A.L.A.N. guides law firms, chiropractors, dentists, and gyms to expand their business.

Alex Hormozi Books

Alex utilized his business acumen to help people through his books $100M Offers and Gym Launch Secrets.

Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth

Alex Hormozi’s net worth is $15 million as of 2022. His companies make over $100 million in revenue every year.

Alex Hormozi 5 Year Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2021$15 million
2020$14 million
2019$13 million
2018$12 million
2017$11 million

Alex Hormozi’s Income Source

Although Hormozi’s main income source is his consulting business, which helps other companies expand. Yet, he also makes money as a published author, successful social media influencer, webinar conductor, and his podcast, The Game, where he talks about his failures and life lessons.

The Bottom Line

Alex Hormozi is a well-known social media personality and business consultant. He helps businesses expand their customer base through his venture, Gym Launch. Alex also met his now wife Leila during the early days of Gym Launch. They also started the Prestige Labs supplements company in 2019. Another venture, Done For Your Meals (D.F.Y.M.), took birth under Prestige Labs, followed by a SaaS business model A.L.A.N. Alex Hormozi’s net worth is $15 million as of 2022. He earns through his business, podcast, and book royalties.


How did Alex Hormozi make his Money?

Alex has three companies that help him make good money. One of the ventures, Gym Launch, is a multimillion-dollar company.

Who Bought Gym Launch?

American Pacific Group invested in Prestige Labs and Gym Launch.

What does Alex Hormozi Own?

Alex is the C.E.O. of and Gym Launch, along with Prestige Labs. His business makes over $100 million annually, increasing his net worth to $15 million.