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Advantages of using Camping Gear

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Cooler temperatures, fewer campers, and the stunning foliage of autumn make it the ideal time to go camping. After a long busy schedule including office, school, and work, it might not be hard to find the motivation to prepare for a camping trip with your family or friends. At times like this, it’s helpful to borrow camping gear that will make your camping experience more charming.

It’s now possible to rent camping gear from a company that may make it simpler to pack for a trip to the great outdoors. Customized vehicle camping and hiking pods are available for groups of eight individuals or less.

Six Benefits of Renting Camping Gear

Fantastic for Beginners

If you have never gone camping before, the sheer number of equipment you will need to bring may seem overwhelming. Renting camping gear allows you to “try before you buy”, which helps you decide whether or not you will like anything well enough to spend the money to buy your piece of equipment for the next time or not. If there is an item in your pod that you come to depend on too much to give up, you are free to keep it. On the top of the lid is a pricing list for each piece, and if there is any equipment you want to keep, it will go to your credit card.

Saver of your Money

Regarding financial outlay, renting gear rather than buying it might be more cost-effective if you only plan to go camping occasionally. If you do not take care of the equipment, it may get covered in dust and spider webs in your garage.

Insane for Adventures

Instead of trying to squeeze your camping gear into your car or paying an airline to stow it, why not just pick it up from the company’s branch where you are or have it sent before you reach there with their service? You can order it for a friend’s house, a relative’s home, an Airbnb rental, or even a hotel room.

Simplified Packing

When traveling with children, much preparation and attention are required. A pre-packed pod is a great way to rest easy, knowing that everything you need is with you. There is no need to prepare the camping gear or clean it like airing out your tent in the front yard because they are readily served which saves a lot of your time. It gives the impression that you are not accountable for the sand and filth that accumulates everywhere.


Direct it Towards Yourself

Since the needs of children change regularly, you may rent the gear that is most suited to your current situation. It’s possible that when the kids become older, they’ll want their “own” rooms or that you’ll find that you need more than one burner for your cooking needs. It not only sells equipment that you may quickly outgrow, but they also rent out extra tents, stoves, coolers, lamps, and other camping necessities so that you may receive what you need when you want it.

A Sense of Cool

Children always find something “awesome” to appreciate about whatever new they encounter. Make unpacking the “surprise camping package” a fun activity for the entire family. It improves the level of enjoyment during the camping trip, improves the bonding among your family members, and keeps everyone in good spirits. The best aspect is that the equipment is before the novelty wears off.

As a beginner camper, it may be tough to foresee all of your requirements. You must also decide which household items to buy vs. those you may borrow or rent. Whether you’re going vehicle camping or hiking, we’ve got you covered with our list of must-have camping gear. These might not be the only things you may want to carry on your camping trip, but they are the bare minimum. However, you must rent the most essential necessities if you plan to go camping often.


You can find everything camping gear from tents and sleeping bags to pots, pans, and skewers for barbecues in pods, all of which are high-quality. Pick up the pod from their store after making an online purchase if you’re local to the Portland, Oregon, area, utilize the gear during your camping trip, and then return the pod via mail. Consider renting your camping gear instead of buying it before you go out with your family on your next fall camping trip.