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AdvancedMD EMR vs. eClinicalWorks EMR

advancedmd vs eclinical

AdvancedMD EMR and eClinicalWorks EHR are two of the best EHR software available. 

AdvancedMD EHR is a scientific software with a well-structured system for ambulatory medical practices. It offers practice management, patient management, and analytics in addition to EHR solutions.

eClinicalWorks EMR, on the other hand, is a great option too. eClinicalWorks is a well-known application that is well-liked by all of its users. More than 130000 doctors, 850000 patients, and 80000 practices use eClinicalWorks.

If you are interested in knowing eClinicalWorks and AdvancedMD price and features, this article for you!

Top 3 EHR Features


Billing tools: AdvancedMD’s billing software is one of the most well-known features. You will receive patient payments even more easily with AdvancedMD EMR than you could before. It verifies patient eligibility from the start, reducing the number of denials you can encounter later due to the non-eligibility of such patients.

Electronic Prescriptions: You can not only administer controlled drugs electronically and make it simpler for yourself with the AdvancedMD e-prescription feature, but you can also make it easier for your patients by eliminating the need for them to come into your office to pick up their prescription letters.

Intuitive Dashboards: Physicians can quickly access patient reports, their schedules, patient records, and much more via the dashboard. You can also offer virtual prescriptions to patients using the app. The AdvancedMD practice dashboard displays all of your frequently-used workflow elements in one convenient location, making it a surprisingly easy and quick way to handle tasks.


Patient Portal: eClinicalWorks Patient Portal enables doctors to connect with patients through the patient portal while also keeping a record of all interactions with them. It also allows users to arrange appointments, which reduces the administrative burden

Telehealth: While not all EHR software includes this function, it has become increasingly necessary for practices in recent years. This feature helps you to communicate with and treat patients from afar. This function comes in handy in circumstances like global pandemics. 

Patient Charting: Because of how simple eClinicalWorks EMR software allows patient charting and how convenient it is to link to and update these charts, later on, this burden is greatly reduced. This feature helps to save a lot of time and speed up the process.


eClinicalWorks pricing starts at $449.00 per month, per user. On the other hand, AdvancedMD EMR pricing has not been provided by the vendor but for more information, you can visit our Software Finder.

Final Steps

If you are having trouble choosing between AdvancedMD EHR and eClinicalWorks EMR, we have some recommendations for you. First, of all, we would recommend you to check out the AdvancedMD EHR demo as well as the eClinicalWorks demo. You can also check out AdvancedMD EMR reviews as well as eClinicalWorks reviews. Since the AdvancedMD price hasn’t been provided by the vendor, you can do a comparison there. You can also compare their features side by side to make your decision easy.