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A Quick Beginners Guide to Infographic Writers

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Infographics are known for their vivid visual elements and ability to present vast information without overwhelming their audiences. They’re a great way to deliver complex data efficiently and effectively.

Many people miss the point that an infographic comprises more than just images. Content carries also plays a significant role in an infographic’s success. Creating an infographic requires solid design, compelling visuals, and strong content.

Writing content for an infographic is by no means easier than designing one. The content itself serves as the foundation. Without good content, an infographic is nothing but an empty shell with pretty pictures.

In this article, we’ll guide you through five essential steps you need to know to write excellent infographic content.

Research your Topic

You first need to thoroughly research the topic you’d like to write about for your infographic. This step is vital because it’s when you collect all the necessary information, giving you time to decide whether or not you would like to pursue this topic.

Frequently, we decide on a topic without knowing how well it performs. While researching your infographic topic and looking for infographic ideas, make sure also to observe how well the keywords perform.

Collect References

The second step you need to take is to collect as many references as you can. You can browse through platforms such as Pinterest or Behance to get a feel of what infographic you would like to create. While collecting references, remember what content style you would like to stick to.

Some infographics are filled to the brim with content, whereas others like to place the focus on visual elements and little content. During this phase, you can browse and see which styles appeal to you the most.

Start with an Outline

Once you have researched and collected enough references, it’s time to start your outline. Outlines are fundamental in infographic creation because they act as the foundation for your infographic. So, you mustn’t skip this step.

An outline doesn’t need to be too complicated. You can start with a list of things, or if you’re an experienced writer, a detailed outline works too. Remember that you don’t need to finish everything all at once and will have time to fill in the gaps later.

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Draft your Content

When you have a content outline for your infographic, you can start drafting. This step might be lengthy, depending on how long your infographic is. You might be pressured to rush through the process and get a first draft done as soon as possible. Our advice would be to take it slow and write down all ideas.

Drafting an infographic can be done simultaneously with design. This is recommended to emphasize certain visual elements in your infographic.

Review and Edit

Lastly, you will need to review and edit numerous times. This step might be one of the most tedious and frustrating ones you need to get through. Instead of reviewing and editing your content yourself, you can opt to get a peer to review it.

During this step, getting feedback or input from others is essential to understand better what to improve and what to edit.