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A Few Exciting Online Things to do in Quarantine

The 2020 has brought a life-changing outbreak for the planet earth that is obviously none other than the COVID-19. The whole world is hunkered down. The everyday news of lock downs and shutter downs have become the everyday chants. The measures of social distancing and quarantine have become the way of life. 

The whole world is taking all sorts of unusual preventive measures to prevent this unusual life- threatening disease. All the social and religious gatherings are closed. The travel and transport system has badly shaken. All the major religious events of all the major religions are closed to prevent the much possible spread of this harming disease through the mass gathering. No public Easter or Ramadan festivities are observed.

This time the devoted Muslim communities have also faced utmost dejection on the unfulfilling of their lifelong special desire of spiritual visitation at their Saudi holiest sites through Cheap Umrah Packages. In short, the whole world is living with an unusual routine. Everyone is nerved at the everyday rise of Corona infected cases. The bulk of right and wrong Corona info has screwed us so badly.

 Instead of scrolling and clicking on the daunting word Corona, turn your eyes towards the mind-freshening online activities. Try to make your quarantine an online productive time with your laptop and WiFi. You can pick up any one of these exciting online activities to make your self-isolation a joyous home-alone time.

Expand Knowledge through Online Books

The book worms or readers must never waste their energies in Corona stress because this quarantine is the golden time for them to immerse themselves in the soothing book world of knowledge and entertainment.

Don’t worry if you can’t go outside to buy your favorite reading material because there are many superb online book libraries to download plethora of books like and Internet Archive. There are many E-books and books in PDF are readily available online.

So develop the habit of online reading this quarantine to learn what this informative silent book world says to you.

Fulfill your Passion for Music Online in Home

Couldn’t buy guitar or Piano amidst lockdown? Then don’t worry. There are many musical sites that specialize in Music lessons like and imusic-school. You can join these online music learning sites to play online piano and keyboard. You can also download free music apps like Simply Piano and Yousician.

Besides these musical options, YouTube is loaded with loads of free music videos. Many music groups or bands have started online sessions for passionate music learners and free time/ bathroom singers to fulfill their exciting desire to learn it.

Learn Online Fitness Tips at Home

You don’t need to go to gym to stay fit. The internet is brimmed with tons of free fitness special stuff on YouTube and Daily motion. You can scroll them to learn the best and super effective weight loss tips and in-home exercises to stay active inside your four-walled houses.

For this, there are several online fitness learning Apps for free like the Nike Training Club, 8Fit, Adidas Training by Runtastic and Home Training. There are also free Yoga Apps to learn soothing Yoga poses to do at home.

Play Online Mind Games

 Want to ward off Corona stress? Then turn on your phones or laptops to deviate your minds towards the exciting mind-games like Online Chess or Scrabble. For online chess options go on the sites like, Chess24 and


You can also hook up with your friends to play other freshening and fun video games like PUBG. There is no one in the Youth left unaware about the increasing popularity of this gun-shooting video game.

Learn New Recipes through Online Cookery Shows

Cooking is one of the best stress releasing therapies in quarantine period. It is the time to brush up your cooking skills and learn if you don’t know how to cook. Don’t worry even if you don’t know how to cook because there are many cooking channels which are run by cooking experts.

Just type the name of your favorite dish, Google would unfold endless channels and videos that would teach you how to cook it. You can learn many new different dishes with new ways to cook for yourself and your family to bring smiles on their faces.

Make Virtual Visits to your Favorite Tourist Places

Don’t be sad for the long term closure of travel and tourism. Don’t worry if you couldn’t fulfill your promise to go for a splendid family tour in these summer vacations. It is because you can still have the option to feast your eyes with the virtual visit of your favorite long awaited visiting place.

You can see your favorite visiting spot through online videos can also go for the advance booking options to fulfill your dream visit next year after Corona panic.