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A Backwoods Cigars Buyer’s Guide

Backwoods Cigars

All About Backwoods Cigars

Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or watching the sunset from your back porch, nothing can enhance your relaxation like a Backwoods Cigar. Fresh, flavorful, and made with premium tobacco and real leaf wrappers, nothing beats Backwoods! 

Here, we’ll give you a walkthrough of the Backwoods Cigar brand. We’ll talk about the company’s history and tell you about some of the best tobacco products available from Backwoods!

Backwoods Roots

Over the last few decades, Backwoods Smokes has been a top-rated tobacco company in the United States. Particularly, Backwoods is known for catering to the needs of adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and rebels. In fact, even the Backwoods marketing campaigns of the 1980s were known for breaking the mold. 

While other cigar companies were catering to the mainstream, Backwoods worked to create something all-new. By crafting products for those who lived life on the edge, the company evolved into something wholly unique. 

First founded in the 1970s, cigars from the Backwoods brand have consistently been top-sellers for over 50 years! Today, the Backwoods brand is still going strong. From real leaf cigarillos to pipe tobacco, Backwoods has something for everyone to enjoy.

About Backwoods Cigars

Without a doubt, Backwoods Cigars are one of America’s favorite all-natural machine-made domestic cigar options. Made using a signature blend of Dominican tobacco with premium Broadleaf tobacco wrappers, Backwoods Cigars have a clean distinctive flavor. 

In fact, since Backwoods Cigars use only premium all-natural tobacco ingredients, they’re more fulfilling to smoke than you’d believe. So, Backwoods Cigars are ideal for selective smokers looking for the best balance of quality and value. 

In flavor, Backwoods Cigars taste smooth, fresh, and mildly sweet with top-notes of natural spice and creamy rich undertones. Then, those real Broadleaf wrappers add a touch of premium nicotine satisfaction to every puff. Additionally, Backwoods cigars come in a range of mouth-watering flavors. 

Flavor Options from Backwoods Cigars 

Backwoods Cigars are available in some of the freshest and most delicious flavor options around. As such, if you want something indulgent and satisfying, you’ll want to give Backwoods Cigars a try. 

While we can’t list every flavor here, we’ll go over some of the most popular options. First of all, there are the Backwoods honey flavors. Made using real honey, these flavors are sweetly satisfying in the best possible way. 

Honey Flavors

Choose from original Honey, Honey Bourbon, and Honey Berry! No matter which sweet cigars you choose, you’re sure to love their indulgent and authentic taste.  

Drink-Themed Flavors

Next up are the Backwoods Cigar beverage flavors. From Black Russian to Dark Stout, there’s something that everyone will love. One of the most popular beverage-themed flavors is Russian Cream. This sweet creamy flavor is a mouth-watering treat that’s great to smoke anytime, anywhere. 

Other Backwoods Products

Apart from premium cigars, Backwoods also makes high-quality pipe tobacco, cigarillos, and more! In fact, Backwoods even offers a line of bagged RYO tobacco for smokers who roll their own cigarettes! All of these Backwoods products use natural ingredients and offer rich, satisfying flavors. 

Try Backwoods Cigars Today

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