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9 Best Tips to Sell Clothes Online from Home

9 best tips to sell clothes online from home

There are different ways to sell clothes online. There are many sites where you can sell your products and some pro tips about selling the products. Those are given below:

Take Photographs

The most critical step here is to take photographs. The clothes are the most important aspect of product photography, thus, the buyer should be able to see every detail of the object. The camera location, as well as the models, must be ensured. Taking a variety of images from different angles and postures is the greatest way to get the perfect shot to market the product. Then selecting the finest shot among them will be much easy.

The lighting has a big impact on how the photos turn out. The photographer can use both natural and artificial light. The photographer must be aware of the sunshine and its coverage area if natural light is used. Artificial light, on the other hand, may be specified by the lightbox to maintain uniformity throughout the picture session.

A lighting kit for beginners has three lights, allowing you to create a three-point lighting arrangement that includes one main light, one fill light, and a back or hair light. If you do opt to use a smartphone, you should go with a standard light kit because there is no need to sync the light to the shutter of your camera.

Editing photos of clothes to sell is another important task over here. So, next comes the process of taking photos of clothes for sale, which involves editing the photographs. Editing the images doesn’t mean adding filters but rather correcting the lighting, and they are all consistent and of the same quality.

Create Detailed Descriptions

Because a customer cannot try on your item, you must explain it properly and fully. Include dimensions, fabric content, style suggestions, and condition. Include keywords as well: consider what you would search for if you were looking for your goods, and include those terms in the description. Furthermore, you must provide your consumers with a complete comprehension of the goods you deliver to them and become a trustworthy supplier.

On the other hand, we also have to take care not to overcomplicate the descriptions as well as the photos. Making images too complicated means adding too many things to the photo. This often distracts the viewer’s eye from what they should be looking for. For this reason, an image should not contain overwhelming elements.

Learn fashion

While photos are extremely important, the best photos ever won’t sell an item that isn’t in high demand. Read about clothing trends and construction, see what’s selling fast for you, and chat with others – there are great Facebook groups and YouTube videos for sellers to know what brands and styles are selling. This way, your customers are informed about the products, and you get repeat customers.


Moreover, the consumers won’t be attracted to your brands if you don’t offer them the latest fashion. You also have to do web research. Through this web research, you will get to know what types of products you need for your online business. As a result, remaining at home, you can conduct business properly as well.

Insert Unique But Clear Photos

The images have to be clear. If the sellers frequently take low-quality photos or the image is too dark or has a filter that alters how the item appears, the images then would be misguiding. That’s why you need to consider these things.

A good item and background lighting arrangement, a plain background that highlights the item of clothing, and a consistent photography style help buyers build trust making photos appear official and professional.

In this context, the background is another important thing over here. It makes you look professional, which is the key to selling these products. Photos are the most important rule in selling products. So the photographer should make sure there is nothing in the background. He/she should buy a plain wood background. If you don’t want to invest money in the background, you can wear plain white or black clothes. Just make sure the background is clean.

E-commerce Customer Service

Ecommerce customer service refers to the process in which the needs of the customers are fulfilled. We can refer to this to address the consumers’ questions about that specific product during the sales with them and after the sales. If they want to change it or face any problem with the product.


To sell the clothes online, the seller has to be friendly. Consumers expect smooth communication. This would help you to sell your items faster and keeps people interested.

For this reason, you have to make sure that you reply fast to your consumers. Maybe you could reply within a day. The more you delay, the more the customers would lose interest. This will help you build a rapport with the buyer and increase their trust in you, so they’ll be more inclined to purchase.

Consider the Ghost Mannequin Service

The ghost mannequin service is a unique feature that e-commerce companies use to sell clothes. This is one of those procedures by which you can showcase your company’s products.

Photography creates different issues for the new seller. First of all, the budget is a big issue in hiring a model. Then you can’t model every single dress on the same model. Because the grown-ups won’t be able to model for the dresses belonging to the children. So, a ghost mannequin is an option here.

In this process, the dummy will be removed. By doing this, the product is given a 3D and hollow vision. In simple words, it will be seen that someone is wearing a particular dress, but eventually, they are not just the appearance there. Moreover, it will help to make a detailed outline of the product. The proper vision is possible about the fabrics, size, colors, fits, etc., to choose the customer’s right dresses.

Ghost mannequin models are the best components you can use to make better photographs on and transfer your site if you own a dress brand or eCommerce. Using a one-of-a-kind life-sized model, you can make photographs that underline the item while eliminating superfluous interruptions. This idea is one of the most useful ideas for selling any cloth from home to online.


This site is very useful for cult brands and vintage clothes. Moreover, this site is available worldwide. This offers you the platforms of both mobile apps and websites. And the commission taken by the platform is 10% of the sale.

You can buy and sell clothes through Depop because it can build a community of potential buyers. It is familiar for selling Instagram-loved brands. Moreover, anyone can use this free app, which has obtained huge popularity for this reason.

The seller and consumer both have to sign up and create your account with a bio and picture—people buy from people, so make it friendly and approachable. Upload pictures of your item and ensure you fill in all the details and be as descriptive as possible. Once you’ve listed it, share it on your social media platforms—the more potential buyers who see it, the more likely you are to make that sale.

By Using ThreadUp

It is one of the world’s largest online consignment and thrift stores that claims to be the largest online and second-hand shipping store in the world, so you know it will connect you with many shoppers looking for second-hand clothes. It accepts women’s and children’s clothing of all seasons and has more than 35,000 brands.

To start selling your clothes online, order a Clean Out bag from thredUP. You return it with there are addressed prepaid envelope, which will be processed one to three weeks later. thredUP pays you for all the clothes it accepts.

But there are also pros and cons to this. The pros are easy to send your used clothes and be paid immediately. On the other hand, the payments are quite small, which is less than 50% on items of less than $ 100.

Using Vestiare Collective

This is one of the best places for selling designer clothes. This is available worldwide. It is available on both the mobile app platform and the website platform. The commission taken by the platform is 15-25% of the selling price.

People often buy from these places. The reason behind buying from these places are: this is a great destination to sell clothes, especially vintage designer pieces, the platform always checks authentication of all products which are being displayed over here, and the website or app is very easy to use for this reason people can easily upload items on the app. But this app has a limitation. It only takes high-end brands.

Vestiaire Collective is a worldwide marketplace where you can sell and find pre-loved designer gems. It is a fashion insider’s best-kept secret for those designer goods that not everyone will have.

To utilize this app, you must first download it, make an account, and then list your old clothing in less than 60 seconds. Fill out the form with your information, explain your item, and provide clear, high-quality photographs. On the other hand, the app is free to download and list an item. You set the price, but it’s a good idea to browse the site for other comparable things already posted.

To sell the clothes on these sites, you can check the clothing photography ideas at home. This will help you know what procedures are needed to succeed in this online business platform by working from home.

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Final Words

Selling clothes from home online needs some tips that will keep the seller up to the mark and help to compete in the market.

We have gathered information from different sources to make this article informative. Hopefully, you can use this information well and expand your business online.