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8 Ways to Improve Cognitive Performance

8 Ways to Improve Cognitive Performance

Improving cognitive performance can help you live a more fulfilled life and age gracefully! Small things that you start doing now will have a massive impact on how your brain works now and well into the future.

Whether you’re looking to get an edge for school or work, or you want to stay sharp in your retirement years, there are ways you can improve cognitive performance. The thought of losing your abilities is always a bit scary. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can stay sharp now and as you get older by following some simple strategies.

We know more about cognitive function now than ever, as well as what helps and hurts your performance over time. Here are 8 ways you can maintain and even improve your cognitive performance starting now.

Go to Bed!

This is a massive one. When your body is tired, you have a harder time focusing. It doesn’t matter if you need to focus on traffic late at night or performance in front of the team at work in the morning. If you cut out sleep, you’re sacrificing your mental capacity.

The world’s understanding and acceptance of proper sleep levels have changed in recent years. People used to wear their lack of sleep like it was a membership card in an exclusive club. They were willing to give up everything, including their sleep, for their cause! Now, though, we know that sleep is vital to mental performance and long-term health. Get more sleep starting now.

Stay Socially Connected

If you want to stay mentally sharp, you need to avoid solitary living. Social connections are vital to cognitive performance. Social dynamics including friendships and professional relationships are critical to keeping your brain active and performing at a high level. As you retire, join clubs, stay in touch with friends, and find other ways to fill your social bucket.

Avoid Stress

In addition to the things you should be doing, there is a huge one you should avoid at all costs. Stress inhibits cognitive performance and has a host of other negative side effects. What’s the point of stressing yourself for years if it only means your life is going to be shorter. That’s how serious this is. Avoid chronic stress from work, family, and other situations.

Pursue Positive Stressors

That said, not all stress is bad! Finding ways to stretch your brain and occasional stress on your body can be wonderful for cognitive performance. Exercising, for example, is a terrific way to keep your mind sharp. Your physical health is very closely tied to your mental health and performance. Staying in shape will help you now and down the road.


It’s easy, especially now, to lose sight of what’s important. We become so busy that our brains get cluttered with unimportant thoughts. When you need to focus or brainstorm, it’s hard to resist the urge to check social media feeds every five minutes. This is why practicing regular meditation is so important. You have to learn how to clear your mind so your brain can perform when called upon.

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Keep Learning

If you’re not growing, you’re essentially dying. Your brain is the same. You need to keep active and learn new things to maintain a mental edge. There is a reason many of the smartest people in the world are always busy and active. When they aren’t solving complex problems, they’re playing chess and solving other fun puzzles. You need to stay curious and keep active to keep your mind motor moving.

How Peptides Improve Cognitive Performance

Researchers have come a long way in determining what supplements and other treatments can improve cognitive performance. One peptide, Semax, is known for its promising neurological effects. In research done on mouse models, Semax was shown to improve memory and cognitive function. There’s a lot of positive attention around Semax, particularly around aging and memory issues. Semax is not yet approved by the FDA for human use. Semax is still undergoing more research to determine future medical possibilities.

Finding Other Supplements

Taking the right supplements and eating a healthy diet is also crucial to good cognitive performance. You need the right vitamins and minerals to feed energy into your brain so it can perform when you need it to. Whether it’s taking things like Gingko or Vitamin B, you can boost your brain function and improve memory capacity.

Learn a New Language

This is one of the toughest things, perhaps, you can do to improve cognitive performance, but it also may be one of the best. Learning a new language can help improve the way you think about things, your perspective, and how you process information. Bilingual people are often able to bring unique approaches to problems and remember things betters as they age.