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8 Ways to Enhance your Cake Boxes Design


As long as you know how to cook, life is really sweet. And baking is a magical art. Where you take all the ingredients and do something so beautiful and delicious. Various cakes, sprinkles, frosting, and decorations enhance the beauty and taste of your sweet treats. The reason behind using all of this is to keep the cooked product delicious. Personalization is what is sold in the market. Attractive cake boxes reflect the quality of your service and what you have in the store.

It shows how far you are willing to go to satisfy your customers. If your box isn’t appealing, it won’t impress people. Pastries are one of the most popular and beloved pastries. People order cakes to celebrate different occasions. As these occasions change, so does cake decorating. To tie it all together, the packaging also needs to be changed to suit the theme of the cake.

5 Easy Ways to Make these Boxes more Attractive

Personalized Printed Cases

Personalized printed custom cake boxes are complete and complete and ready to sell. They contain all the necessary details and information that make a box worthy and credible. Each brand that makes cakes has its own unique identity represented by its logo.

The logo cannot be copied or replicated. You need unique logo solutions that truly represent the true quality and taste of cakes. The logo is very important in increasing cake sales because people only rely on branded and safe foods. Personalized boxes are a must for a brand to quickly grow in several customers.

Wholesale of these Boxes

Cake boxes wholesale is a way to increase cake sales and generate huge revenue. The personal cake carton wholesaler is usually sold to retailers, bakeries. Or cafes that have a very large number of cake sales.

The material utilizes to make these cases is cardboard, kraft. Windows and inserts are usually added to these personalized boxes to make them more attractive and comfortable. Windows, which are added to personal boxes, are used to display them in a very attractive way.

Numerous Printing Techniques

As soon as you receive a cake order for an event, there are plenty of customization options. For example, when you receive an order for a wedding cake, the shape of the cake changes, the size changes, and the decoration changes.

Likewise, the packaging must adapt to the apartment. You can no longer have simple packaging. So you can try out different printing techniques at checkout. You can choose elegant gilding for your logo or a simple wedding wish or even your slogan. You can also try out punching, embossing. And various printing finishes making your box more attractive for different occasions.

Boxes with Handles

With this type of cake carton, you can fold the cake carton and lock it with the handle. This not only allows the cake to be transported and stored neatly. But also adds a new touch of beauty to the appearance of the box. This type of unique and unusual packaging shape also makes you stand out from your competition. You can also choose to add colorful prints and patterns and even glitter to a party.

People will love to unwrap their cakes in front of an audience. The experience becomes more exciting for those who have to open the box.

Bows and Ribbons

Adding bows and ribbons is the most suitable and most elegant way to decorate cake boxes. Even if you have a regular box. You can just add contrast ribbon or shiny ribbon to make it look extraordinary.

It is better to choose soft and bright colors that match the color of the box. You can tie the ribbon in a variety of attractive styles. Usually, a bow style is used with free end curling. Plus another method is to make a flower from the fabric ribbons. They can be tied and placed using tape or a stapler. Using these easily accessible items adds a touch of soft elegance to the box.

Unique Shapes of Boxes

Using advanced and high-tech printing machines. The cake boxes UK can be cut into different unique shapes. The shape of a butterfly, origami, heart or any shape can be cut from the handle of the box. Many other intricate shapes can be used to make a cake carton lock handle look unique yet beautiful. The best part is that it can be applied to both small and large boxes. You need a high-tech printing system, design and branding experts leave no room for mistakes.

Cake box

Boxes with Windows

Boxes with windows are an easy way to grab someone’s attention. It will make your cakes more elegant. A see-through window allows someone to keep an eye on the cake. While it’s worn to make sure it’s seated properly.

When a cake is on a shelf, this style of box protects it while serving the purpose of the display. These have a crystal transparent viewing window for optimal clarity. Plus, your customers can easily recognize the content while transporting the box to their next destination.

Attractive Packaging for Boxes

When you start to put effort into your packaging. You will notice how your customers react and are happy to see your cakes. Attractive packaging adds value to your brand and helps you differentiate yourself from your competition.

There are endless ways and possibilities to personalize your cakes for the event and change the packaging. It also helps you get better reviews and attract more and more customers. Keeping these tips in mind will help your bakery stand out in the market. You can set your service standard and tell consumers that you care about their needs.